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Bee Etiquette

  • When you are Queen/King Bee, try to mail out your block instructions so they arrive at the beginning of your assigned month, so everyone can stay on schedule.  Remember to largely include the necessary fabric as not everyone has a huge stash to work from.
  • Try to complete each Bee block within the month it was received and return your finished block promptly.  If you are unable to finish on time, be sure to contact the Queen/King Bee to let them know.
  • There are no set rules around returning unused fabric or being asked to use fabric from your personal stash - these rules are usually set by the Queen/King Bee within her instructions.
  • If you are unable to make blocks that another Queen/King Bee has sent you then it is good Bee etiquette to return the package of fabrics back to that Queen/King Bee so they can make the block themselves, should they wish, and so they will have enough of their fabric to finish their quilt top.
  • Don't be shy about contacting your Queen/King Bee if you have a question.

    Before a rotation begins the Bee Leader will rule on what will happen if people leave the Bee after receiving Bee Blocks for their own month as Queen/King Bee and before completing all blocks for others in the Bee. In the absence of a ruling from the Bee Leader then it is down to the goodwill of the people within a Bee to work this out between them. 

Maria G is considering setting up a new Bee that will create charity blocks.
If you're interested in finding out more send her an email.

Our Guild currently has 1 active Bee and 3 Bees that have disbanded and are finalising their blocks.

Improv: Beyond The Bee 
May: Jennifer B (Bee Leader)
June: Audrey J - non-Guild member
July: Caroline P
September: Chris D
October: Cynthia C
November: Diana C
January: Greer M
February: Judy C
March: Liz K
April: Lori B

We have three Bees that have finished their rotations and have been disbanded.  All completed blocks or unused fabric packages should be returned to appropriate Queen/King Bee.

Original Bee
January: Brian B (co-Bee Leader)
February: Ariana B
March: Lisa M
April: Emily N
May: Cynthia C
June: E B (co-Bee Leader)
July: Judy C
August: Kim W - non-Guild member
September: Alyson R
October: Sandy N
November: Rossanna W
December: Jean R

Lucky Bee
The Lucky Bee is disbanding after the March 2017 rotation. 
January: Sandy N
February: Rossanna W
March: Jody S (Bee Leader)
April: Deborah B
May: Nellie W
June: Maria G
July: Chris E
August: Margaret C
September: Judy C
October: Andrea M
November: Naomi M
December: Tina M

Improv: Beyond The Bee 
May: Jessica P (Bee Leader)
June: Margaret C
July: Sandra N
August: Maggie B
September: Michele K
October: Theresa M
November: Sue C-W
January: Rossanna W
February: Nellie W
March: Susie D
April: Nancy D

Pieced/Finished Bee Quilts
Cynthia C + Original Bee

November 2016
Improv: Beyond The Bee - Margaret C + Ibbies (photo only)

May 2016
Deborah B + Lucky Bee

May 2016

February 2016
Scrappy Trip - Tina M + Lucky Bee (photo only)

April 2015

February 2015
Celtic Twist - Kim H + Original Bee

December 2013
Sliced Improv - Chris D + Original Bee

October 2013
Story of You - Maria G + Original Bee

September 2013
Margaret C + Lucky Bee

November 2012
Liberated Log Cabin - Binita + Original Bee

September 2012
Stone Cathedral - Kimberly + Original Bee

September 2012
New York Beauty - Kimberly + Original Bee

June 2012
Triangles Galore - Lisa M + Original Bee

Confetti - Greer M + Lucky Bee

February 2012 - Kim H + Original Bee
Fussy Cut Wonky Log Cabin Quilt Top - February 2013
Finished Quilt - March 2017

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