Community + Charity

NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild
More information about our charity quilts and community quilts, and a photo gallery of our projects from 2016 onwards is available by clicking through to our website.


NMIC Quilt
May 2017 Meeting

Winter 2016 - Robert Kaufman Batik
Ready to Bind - May 2017 meeting - requesting volunteers.
Log Cabin with a Twist (block instructions here)

Military Family Day Quilt
May 2017 Meeting - The Finished Quilt
January/February 2017 - Military Family Day Quilts

Kid's Quilts
May 2017 Meeting - Almost all made!
October 2016 - March 2017 - Kid's Quilts
Kid's Block instructions
We've met our block target and made 11 quilts

Garden Strips Blocks
May 2017 Meeting - Quilt top returned by Marie C and handed over to Lisa B
Autumn/Winter 2016 - Garden Strips Block (block instructions here)

April 2017
Butterfly Blocks for Tina M's Friend
Butterfly Block pattern

February 2017 - Timeless Treasures Dash Basic Challenge
3 Buddy Block Quilts donated to the #QuiltsForKids Charity (full story here)

September 2016 - Squares Quilt Challenge

June-September 2016

Spring 2016 - Charity Baby Quilts for Room To Grow

December 2015 - Petals Quilt

June 2015 - Charity Baby Quilts

November 2014 - Red + White Crosses

September-November 2014 - Craft Hope Sanitary Napkin Challenge and Our Finish