Current Bee Hives

NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild

Maria G is considering setting up a new Bee that will create charity blocks.
If you're interested in finding out more send her an email.

Cynthia C is also considering setting up a new Bee, more details to follow.

Our Guild's 4 Bees have disbanded at the end of our 2016/17 Guild year.  All completed blocks or unused fabric packages should be returned to the appropriate Queen/King Bee.

Improv: Beyond The Bee 
May: Jessica P (Bee Leader)
June: Margaret C
July: Sandra N
August: Maggie B
September: Michele K
October: Theresa M
November: Sue C-W
January: Rossanna W
February: Nellie W
March: Susie D
April: Nancy D

Improv: Beyond The Bee 
May: Jennifer B (Bee Leader)
June: Audrey J - non-Guild member
July: Caroline P
September: Chris D
October: Cynthia C
November: Diana C
January: Greer M
February: Judy C
March: Liz K
April: Lori B

Original Bee
January: Brian B (co-Bee Leader)
February: Ariana B
March: Lisa M
April: Emily N
May: Cynthia C
June: E B (co-Bee Leader)
July: Judy C
August: Kim W - non-Guild member
September: Alyson R
October: Sandy N
November: Rossanna W
December: Jean R

Lucky Bee
The Lucky Bee disbanded after the March 2017 rotation
January: Sandy N
February: Rossanna W
March: Jody S (Bee Leader)
April: Deborah B
May: Nellie W
June: Maria G
July: Chris E
August: Margaret C
September: Judy C
October: Andrea M
November: Naomi M
December: Tina M

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