Block Lotto, Challenge, Round Robin + Group Quilts

NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild

December 2016 - Winter Mini-Quilt Holiday Swap

Summer 2016 - Paint Chip Challenge Mini-Quilts

June 2016 - Raffle Quilt is our Summer 2013 Challenge Quilt
Sketch Triangles, 2013: Timeless Treasures for Quilt Market May 2013
highlighted in Show & Tell Feb 2013 + June 2013
Quilt Details: 53" x 63"
Raffle Winner: Emily Klainberg
Pieced by: Kim Hryniewicz + Quilted by: Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Creators: Lisa Mason/Andrea Murray/Victoria Findlay Wolfe/Kim Hryniewicz
/Emily Klainberg/Deborah Bingham/Cassandra Rosser/Nancy Dougherty/Jody Sullivan/Ellen Foster/
Judy Stadler/Bette Anne Sheganoski/Bernadette Forward/Earamichia Brown/Jennifer Bergman/
Helen Beall/Nicole Gustafson/Judith Hoffman Corwin/Dorothy Hill/Barbara Peterson/
Michelle Kucker/Margaret Cibulsky/Nellie Wu/Janet Hopkins/Susan Sato/Chris Sullivan/
Andrea Faulhaber/Hayden Lees/Tina Marney/Amy Jaffe/Christa Farmer/Rossanna Wells/
Naomi Mankowitz

June 2016 - Raffle Quilt
Rachel Dorr's Challenge
June 2016 - Raffle Quilt
Cloud 9 Challenge

The quilt was won by Christine Economos who gifted it to her friend, Sue.

These three beauties have been turned into quilts by Timeless Treasures Fabrics and gifted to the Quilts For Kids charity.

December 2014 - The Ugly Quilt #1
This quilt is currently held on behalf of the Guild by Chris Dodsley.

December 2014 - The Ugly Quilt #2

December 2014 - Karen's Round Robin #2

December 2014 - Karen's Round Robin #1
February 2016 Progress (photo only)

This quilt belongs to Chris Dodsley.

Summer Challenge 2014 - Variations on a Theme
November 2016 Progress (photo only)

June 2014 - Summer Themed Postcard Swap

June 2014 - Raffle Quilts

June 2013 - Timeless Treasures Sketch Challenge Quilt
for more information see the notes above for our Summer 2016 Raffle Quilts

Summer Challenge 2012 - Kandinsky 

The finished quilt top is in the possession of Michele Kucker who is replacing the border and background fabrics to a weight better suited to supporting the blocks.

October 2012 - Thomas Knauer Baby Quilts

June 2012 - Cherrywood Challenge Quilt

May 2011 - Cheddar Quilt

April 2011 - Stripe Quilt

February 2011 - Quarter Circles

February 2011 - Goddess of Good Ideas Round Robin

February 2011 - Jessica's Round Robin

October 2010 - Group Quilt #1

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