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NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild

Round Robin #3 - started May 2017
June 2017 - Eva LB handed the quilt top over to Diana C.
May 2017 - Christine E donated a block left over from her I See Stars quilt and passed it on to Eva LB.

Round Robin #4 - started May 2017
 May 2017 - Jody S donated this piece she has made using fabrics left over from a quilt for her daughter.  Maria G has taken it to work the next round.

Round Robin QAYG - started May 2017
 May 2017 - Jody S rescued this unbound Paintchip Challenge block from the scrap table (someone please let me know who made it) and had the idea to start a Quilt As You Go (QAYG) Round Robin, handing it over to Caroline P.

Sections can be added to it as a Log Cabin - using the Quilt As You Go method or additional blocks can be made and joined at a later stage.  Chris D has her own machine sewn technique for this available here on her made by ChrissieD blog.

Rectangles of Love Block Lotto Quilt started February 2016
April 2017 - The quilt is currently held by Maria G and when complete will be raffled within the membership
December 2015 - Rectangles of Love Block Lotto Instructions

December 2016 - Winter Mini-Quilt Holiday Swap

Summer 2016 - Paint Chip Challenge Mini-Quilts
Left to Right
Top Row: Chris Dodsley, Margaret Cibulsky, Sue Cummings-Walder
Middle Row: Nancy Dougherty, Caroline Pomietlarz-Yamasaki, Cynthia Clark, Sue Erdreich
Bottom Row: Naomi Mankowitz, Jean Ruvel, Theresa Moran, Alyson Ruvel

June 2016 - Raffle Quilt is our Summer 2013 Challenge Quilt
Sketch Triangles, 2013: Timeless Treasures for Quilt Market May 2013
highlighted in Show & Tell Feb 2013 + June 2013
On Display at the Quilt + Sewing Fest of NJ, March 2017
Quilt Details: 53" x 63"
Raffle Winner: Emily Klainberg
Pieced by: Kim Hryniewicz + Quilted by: Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Creators: Lisa Mason/Andrea Murray/Victoria Findlay Wolfe/Kim Hryniewicz
/Emily Klainberg/Deborah Bingham/Cassandra Rosser/Nancy Dougherty/Jody Sullivan/Ellen Foster/
Judy Stadler/Bette Anne Sheganoski/Bernadette Forward/Earamichia Brown/Jennifer Bergman/
Helen Beall/Nicole Gustafson/Judith Hoffman Corwin/Dorothy Hill/Barbara Peterson/
Michelle Kucker/Margaret Cibulsky/Nellie Wu/Janet Hopkins/Susan Sato/Chris Sullivan/
Andrea Faulhaber/Hayden Lees/Tina Marney/Amy Jaffe/Christa Farmer/Rossanna Wells/
Naomi Mankowitz

June 2016 - Raffle Quilt

June 2016 - Raffle Quilt
Cloud 9 Challenge
The quilt was won by Christine Economos who gifted it to her friend, Sue.

February 2016  - Timeless Treasures Dash Basic Challenge - Buddy Block Quilts
These three beauties have been turned into quilts by Timeless Treasures Fabrics and gifted to the Quilts For Kids charity.

December 2014 - The Ugly Quilt #2
June 2016 Update
Currently held by Karen MH - she's making a back for it.

December 2014 - The Ugly Quilt #1
November 2016 Progress
February 2017 - Completed
On Display at the Quilt + Sewing Fest of NJ, March 2017
This quilt was raffled amongst members at our June 2017 meeting and was won by Cynthia Clarke.  The raffle raised $251 for the Guild.

Karen's Round Robin #2 - started December 2014
March 2015 Progress
October 2015 Progress
April 2017 Progress
Currently held by Jennifer B, passed to her by Bee F at Ladore 2017 retreat

Karen's Round Robin #1 - started December 2014
February 2016 Progress
March 2017 Progress
currently held by Deborah B who will then pass to Earamichia B for completion

Jessica's EPP Round Robin
June 2017 - currently held by Ivete T

December 2014 - Low Volume Block Lotto Quilt
This quilt belongs to Chris Dodsley.

Summer Challenge 2014 - Variations on a Theme
November 2016 Progress (photo only)

June 2014 - Summer Themed Postcard Swap

June 2014 - Raffle Quilts

June 2013 - Timeless Treasures Sketch Challenge Quilt
for more information see the notes above for our Summer 2016 Raffle Quilts

Summer Challenge 2012 - Kandinsky 
December 2012 / January 2013 / February 2013 / March 2013 / September 2013 updates
The finished quilt top is in the possession of Michele Kucker who is replacing the border and background fabrics to a weight better suited to supporting the blocks.

October 2012 - Thomas Knauer Baby Quilts

June 2012 - Cherrywood Challenge Quilt

May 2011 - Cheddar Quilt

April 2011 - Stripe Quilt

February 2011 - Quarter Circles

February 2011 - Goddess of Good Ideas Round Robin

February 2011 - Jessica's Round Robin

October 2010 - Group Quilt #1