Coat Of Arms


Introduction by Lisa Mason, Guild President 2013-2015
It's so funny this Coat of Arms started as a little joke.  David Sisson (past Guild member) sent it to me in September of 2014. He bought it at a thrift shop in Chicago and thought it would be perfect for the Presidents of the Guild to wear at meetings.  I believe we both decided to call it the Coat of Arms.  A few months later David suggested that it be passed around between members and everyone could add an embellishment when they had possession of the coat.  I believe Deborah was the first to actually take the coat out and wear it around photographing it. Fabulous move on Deborah's part!  It just grew from there.

Who is showing the Coat of Arms a good time right now?!
JUNE to SEPTEMBER 2017 - Greer M
Having held the Coat of Arms for April and May, Cynthia C handed it over for the summer to Greer M, who will be taking it on a Midwest road trip.

APRIL + MAY 2017 - Cynthia C
embellishment - a bunny image

Cynthia's son 'rocking' the Coat of Arms

April 2017: Sadly, we have to report that The Coat of Arms is suffering from exhaustion and has spent April resting - Cynthia C will keep it for the month of May and please come to our June meeting ready to volunteer to whisk the Coat of Arms away with you on your summer vacation.

Jean R handed the Coat of Arms over to out-going President, Cynthia for April. 

FEBRUARY + MARCH 2017 - Jean R and Alyson R
embellishment - a felt penguin
Jean R and Alyson R hadded this felt embellishment to the coat that Marie C (below right) had previously donated to the scrap table.
Jean and Alyson must have been super happy to have volunteered to take the coat this month as they put it to good use immediately at our February meeting.  The heating at Hartley House wasn't working and it was freezing but these two snuggled and kept warm under the coat!!! 
The Coat of Arms made it to The Quilt and Sewing Fest of New Jersey! And that's Jean's melon quilt finally finished from our Mariandale quilt retreat in January 2016.

DECEMBER 2016 to JANUARY 2017 - Jody S
embellishment - a shocking pink lacy hood trim
Jody wore the coat at a Town Board meeting and reported that the public was impressed and gained a sense of confidence in their councilwoman and later the Coat of Arms makes a final trip to Villanova v UVA basketball game @Wells Fargo Center, PA.

NOVEMBER 2016 - Maureen W
embellishment - a detachable hood
Maureen took the coat along to the NYC Marathon and also to a performance of "School of Rock" at West Potomac High School, Alexandria, VA.  Her addition of a detachable hood has made the coat suitable for all weather conditions keeping the wearer both warm and dry.


OCTOBER 2016 - Arlene W
embellishment - right breast jewels
Arlene tells us that the coat went to Miami via Laguardia and received many stares and a few questions.  Once there she stayed happily home in the AC.  Arlene isn't sure that the coat enjoyed flying!

JUNE to SEPTEMBER 2016 - Sandi K
embellishment - pin from New England Quilt Museum
Broadway: The Color Purple (Cynthia Erivo) and Music Box
Fabric shopping in Auburn, MA, visited the New England Quilt Museum, MA and a Baseball game

MAY 2016 - Diana C
embellishment - added a crown to the skull
Ladore Retreat 2016, Gateway Playhouse and a day at work

APRIL 2016 - Hayden L
embellishment - little pandas
Dinner with Jorge's boss in Hoboken

MARCH 2016 - Judi C
embellishment - hanging pocket

FEBRUARY 2016 - Bernadette F
embellishment - sparkles and pink fringing
NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild blog post
Super Bowl/sewing party and book club
4-mile race in Central Park then Sparkles Laundry for a dry clean spa day!

DECEMBER 2015 to JANUARY 2016 - Maria G
no embellishment added
Maria's PA home for Christmas and Radio City Music Hall

Lake Naomi, PA
Maria's husband and Snow Play

NOVEMBER 2015 - Andrea M
embellishment - photo of chicken with boy smoking a cigarette
Andrea shared photos from her adventures with the Coat of Arms.  
"We went to see the James Bond film, Spectre, took in A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder on Broadway, where Jefferson Mays insisted that we take a photo of him with the coat, watched some Vikings football on TV, and the Coat kept me warm on a particularly chilly day in my office.  I embellished the coat with the always-popular photo of a chicken with a boy smoking a cigarette."

OCTOBER 2015 - Karen H
embellishment - appliqued skull

Hairdressers and a day working at The City Quilter

Out-going President Lisa M hands over the Coat of Arms to our new President Cynthia BC

JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2015 - Christine E
embellishment - embroidered flowers on the elbow of the left sleeve
NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild blog post
American Museum of Natural History

MAY 2015 - Helen B
embellishment - lazy daisies embroidery

Watching the Mets in Helen B's recliner, listening to a Shangai Quartet in Brookville, NY and the coat won a prize for pin the tail at Helen's birthday party
Passed Prairie Point inspection at Empire Quilters Guild meeting and an unknown location
Spiritualist Book Discussion Group

APRIL 2015 - Emily K
embellishment - prairie points collar
Sewing day at Lisa M's home

MARCH 2015 - Deborah B
no embellishment added
NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild blog post
Home sewing during boiler repair, visit to Cathedral of St John the Divine to see phoenix sculptures (no photos available) and tea at local deli - Samad's Gourmet
Afternoon cinema trip to see Fifty Shades of Grey

Did you have the Coat Of Arms in February 2015, can you help us unlock the mystery?

DECEMBER 2014 to JANUARY 2015 - Rachael D
no embellishment added
NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild blog post
Longarming at home with her children

NOVEMBER 2014 - Lisa M
embellishment - Dresden flower patch and The Red Headed Mermaid label

Helen B, Rachael D and Melanie T, Karen H
Emily K, Encylopedia B, Jodi S
Bernadette F and Lisa M

David S bought the coat in a Chicago thrift store in September 2014 and gifted it to Lisa M, then Guild President, who brought it to our October Guild meeting.  It would appear from the coat's label, however, that it originated in Fredericksburg, TX.