Let's Get Talking

NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild

Back in 2011 "Let's Get Talking" was a conversation starter suggested by David Sissons (who is also responsible for our Coat of Arms!) posted by, in her own words, overly cheerful blog-chair, Jessica.  Guild members were encouraged to write their own blog posts on the topic at any time during the week, and comments were welcome from all readers.  

February 2011 - Process

February 2011 - Your Sewing Space
My Sewing Space - Margaret
Where I Work - Nicole

February 2011 - UFOs
Out Of The Depths - Jessica
My UFOs - Jody

February 2011 - Your First Quilt
Time Travel - Janet H
Chunky Log Cabin - Jessica

March 2011 - Tools/Notions
My Must Have - Ellen

March 2011 - Your Stash

March 2011 - Open Catch-Up

April 2011 - What Scares Me!

April 2011 - Inspiration

April 2011 - Shape
Shapes - Lisa

May 2011 - Your Mom
Patti - Jessica

October 2011 - Holiday Quilts

November 2011 - Fabric Designers
My Obsession - Lisa

January 2012 - Irons

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