Monday, October 4, 2010

Great meeting!

Thank you all for a very inspiring meeting! I hated to leave early (I had to work) and miss the rest of show and tell, so thanks for all the photos. I got up Sunday and spent almost all day sewing: I finished quilting my New Wave quilt and sewed on the binding, ready for hand finishing; sewed the binding on another unfinished quilt; and made myself a nametag! I used some of my favorite recent fabrics, and even used a scrap from the swap for the binding. I look forward to the next meeting and getting to know all of you! Cheers~ Christa


  1. Great to meet you Christa! Glad you came for a little while! your grandmothers flower garden was Fantastic!!

  2. I love the exclamation points in your nametag!! It was very nice meeting you :)


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