Friday, November 12, 2010

december block challenge

This isn't the block I was planning to make at all, but I bought a new pattern and needed to do up a test block.. the cheddars were in arms' reach and look what happened.. (can you spot my mistake?  this is why we do test blocks..)
I might still make another, there are a lot of 12" blocks I've been meaning to try.

looking forward to next month~


  1. Hummmm . . . I can't see any mistakes. do tell. I love the block.

  2. What mistakes? I tell you all are uber perfectionists...i like it a pattern we can get online...

  3. the pattern is available at the link in the post (scroll down), and the mistakes.. well, let's give it a few more hours and see if anyone else spots them before I point them out myself..

  4. Okay, I think I see what you are saying, except that this is one block, not the whole quilt . . . You would have needed two other fabrics to add to this. We will let you off the hook . . . this time. hahaha

  5. this looks super! phooey on mistakes... no such thing...


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