Friday, January 14, 2011

Help please

Hello my MOD friends.
I have some questions for you all regarding MODERN QUILTING....
I need some help gathering INFO.

Being a MODERN quilter: If you were going to a
Talk about Modern Quilting

Who are people you would be curious to hear from?

Is it a quilter?
Fabric designer?
(need names please)
When you think of Modern Quilters, who do you think of?

What to you is the movement of "Modern quilters?"

And if you were to attend a panel talk in NYC
would you come on a Friday eve?
or Saturday morning?

Would you pay for an event like this?

If you can take a minute to send me an email answering any,
or all of these questions
I would appreciate your feedback.

In March there will be many events here in NYC.

Mark you calendars!
Please email me at:

- Victoria

**Note:  Here are more questions to think about, please respond:

Is modern quilting to you, based on the fabric design?
Does modern quilting mean any particular type of quilt?
why do you think Modern quilt guilds are any more interesting
than say, a regular established guild?

What makes you want to attend, what do you hope to find, learn etc?
why is the idea of modern quilting appealing to you?


Have a great weekend!


  1. I would love to hear quilt designers, fabric designers and modern bloggers speak!

    Some assorted names: Kaffe Fassett, Denise Schmidt (the queen of modern quilting, in my opinion), Amy Butler, Heather Ross, Heather Bailey, anyone from Moda (talking about their pre-cut lines and Moda Bake Shop), bloggers like Camille Roskelly, Quilt Dad (talking about Fat Quarterly, etc), someone from Sew, Mama, Sew. etc. An interesting mix of people in the quilting industry and amateur/professional quilters and designers would be great!

    I think of all of these people when I think of modern quilting, especially in connection with modern fabrics, the online quilitng movement and blogging.

    I would absolutely attend a panel discussion, either on a Friday or a Saturday! Can't wait to hear any details about a spossible event!

  2. I agree with Nicole on the people she listed for the forum. I think of Modern Quilting as a more simple graphic free form way of creating. Not following the "rules" of patterns and techinque. Trying new methods of patching and quilting.

    I love our modern guild because of the diversity of quilters in ages and styles. I think you get a more varied and out of the box thinking in the group. No strick guidelines. Love that.

    I would love to come to a event on this topic, I would come either Friday night or Saturday morning, and I would be willing to pay too. I would hope to take away new ideas and meet new friends.

    I love the idea of modern quilting because to me it is fresh and new, some times simple.

    Very exciting V! What do you have up your sleeve??

  3. Hi Victoria -

    I will be speaking at the Empire guild show on the Saturday, March 26 at 1:30pm. so it's exciting to be a part of NYC's March Quilting Frenzy ; ) My topic is "Contemporary Designs from Traditional African Textiles", which sums up my answer to your question.

    For me, modern quilting is inspired by the crafting traditions of the past and reinterpreted to appeal to today's trends, experiences & sensibilities. The fabric is the driving force.

    I'd love to attend whatever event you're working on, so I hope it won't take place during the Empire show since I'll also be vending there ;)

  4. I hope I have time to take it all in when I visit NYC in March. I'm traveling with a non quilter, but she does appreciate the arts and she is a crafter. What a week it's going to be!


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