Monday, January 31, 2011

A Queen for Me

After the wonderful festivities of the past month, including my mother's surprise 60th with visitors from all over, the annual New York State Bar conference activities, work and life... I managed to get in some quilting time on Saturday morning and Sunday night.  Thursday my Rochester Lawyer Quilting buddy and I stopped by my favorite City shop and i decided that I would make a quilt for my bed.

So in the spirit of the intuition quilt...this is where I am as of this morning.   Its still growing...the colors are not that great from my phone..but will be sure to post the finished from the fancy camera...smiles.

This is the first time that I am also spending time to design the back as well.  So its a Two for One. smiles.

Wish me luck on keeping it.  I tend to give everything away...hmmm...Any quilting design suggestions.


  1. Ha, I do the same thing - give everything away! I need to keep something somewhere along the way. Love it, it looks great on your bed. As for design suggestions for the back, I'm bad with that stuff. I would be boring and use leftovers from the front and make a big row of those and then just use a contrasting fab for the rest of it.

  2. Looks interesting! what are the panels in the squares? the colors feel like you should be living down near the desert instead of freezing NY... ;-)
    earthy! love it!

  3. Its this fabric that i absolutely love...and of course don't recall the name.. But it comes in a couple of colorways. It will also be featured in a brick red colorway on the back, slightly different. Yes, zen, earthy pop of blue green and orange. Actually much like the colors in my living room, if you look at the rug (underneath my other posts). smiles.

  4. OMG! I just bought some of the same fabric that you used in the foreground. It is beautiful. I love the way you used it. Hopefully I'll see you on Saturday, David

  5. Yes indeed you shall David...smiles and thanks. look forward to seein you...what were you planning to do with it...

  6. Great fabric choices! The fabric is by a company called "Troy." There are a few lines - "Gerta," "Streamline" and "Third in Line." They all look pretty similar. I hope this helps!