Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's get talking: Week 4

Hmm.. only 5 of us have UFOs?  or only 5 of us are willing to admit it.  I'm thinking that at some point I'll need to have a "catch up" week where you can go back and post on any Talking topic you might have missed out on.  Stay tuned.

For this week though, let's talk about your first quilt.

The one you made without knowing what supplies you needed.. "rotary cutter?  but I already have fabric scissors."  "curved safety pins?  I bet these normal ones I've got lying around will work just as well."
The one you made and started to think, "hey, I like this,  I might be a quilter."
The one you showed to your friends and family and they said, "Yeah, that's awesome" but couldn't comprehend why you were smiling so wide. (now they know, right?)

The one you look back on and think, "What was I thinking?!"  "Those stitches were HUGE!"  "Maybe I should take it apart and redo it.."   But you love it anyway.

Pull it out, shake the cat hair off, take a picture (or scan in one from when you made it..), and write your post.  You've got til next Saturday at midnight.

Don't forget to answer these questions:
  1. What were you doing when you made it? (give a brief description of what your life was like at the time).
  2. What important lessons have you learned about quiltmaking since then?

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