Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bicentennial quilt

I made this Sampler quilt during the quilting revival that took place in the 70's. Took a beginning class at the Watermelon Patch and was hooked immediately. We used cardboard templates and did everything by hand. I would like to say that the red, white, and blue have faded, but they were pretty dull from the start. Ah, but the memories of the good times we had are still vivid. I had discovered that the joy of quilting is being with other quilters!


  1. it still looks fabulous! so nicely done! I like how the colors have lightened... very loved.

  2. Nice quilt. I remember the quilting rage in the 70's . . . so traditional. Fun memories.

  3. It's a classic!
    Glad there's a few of us in the group who started with cardboard templates...:)

  4. Is there anyway to get the pattern. I would love to make this quilt!


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