Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I kept the good one for myself..

Probably 2 years ago, our iron died so I ran out to Target and bought whatever I could find that looked like it might do the job.  it's a pink sunbeam and it leaks like crazy. 
I was being thrifty and just kept using it, for the household ironing and for "hobby" ironing.  We keep our ironing board downstairs next to the laundry closet and that's where I iron C's work shirts (or, where he irons them if I don't get to them in time..), and the sewing room is upstairs.  One day he was rushing to get to work, I was busy taking care of the kid, and when he went to grab the iron, it wasn't in the closet. 
(Of course not, duh!  I had been quilting the night before-- hello!)  He was more than a little annoyed as this was the hundred and third time that he not only had to iron his own shirt but also had to trek up the stairs to get the iron.  In his anger, he shouted "Why don't you just buy a second iron!"
I think subconcously I had been waiting for it to get to this point.. so I did.  I went out to Sears and bought my favorite T-Fal 3-way auto shut-off darling.  And I don't use it to iron shirts..  
Some girls like fancy jewelery, some need a high-tech phone.  I'm easy-- a $40 iron and time to sew, that's really all it takes to keep me happy.


  1. Totally understand about the road to happiness. Give me a great sewing tool or a fabulous cooking/baking utensil and I'm a happy girl. It is difficult to explain to those who don't understand....."you got pots for Christmas???" "Yeah but they are really cool, very heavy, anodized, expensive, blah, blah, blah pots."

  2. I'd say C. is one lucky guy to have such a clever wife!

  3. I know, if anyone want to iron anything at my house they have to haul it to the attic and then clean off all the threads on the ironing board. hehehe. Really people should only buy clothes that don't need to be ironed, I mean come on, ironing is for quilting fabric!


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