Sunday, May 27, 2012

NYC Metro Mod Bee for June

I know this isn't my first go-round as Queen, but I am super excited.  Over the last year, I've been following a bunch of great blogs, and I came across the New York Beauty QAL.  I chose the NYB block for a couple of reasons:  First, I think it's absolutely perfect to represent my experience of participating in a bee with so many great people from NY and beyond.  Second, there are great patterns and tutorials available online.

Please make 2 blocks - both can be the same pattern or you can choose 2 different blocks.  The 10 patterns from which to choose is available here.

I want the color scheme to be scrappy with jewel-colored batiks.  As you can see above, I made blocks 5 and 8.  I have included several pieces of fabric that should be enough for both blocks.  I know that it can take more fabric for paper-piecing, so I tried to supply plenty.  If you need additional fabric though, just let me know.  Please do not add solids, pastels, or neutrals.  

I chose batiks because they are so much easier to work with for paper piecing since you don't have to worry about right and wrong sides of the fabric.  Plus, I love the saturated colors...and I have a bunch in my stash.  :-)

Remember - shorten your stitch length to make it easier to remove the paper before adding the inner quarter circle and outermost piece.

I haven't viewed every tutorial, but I have found it helpful to press with a hot iron between each line of stitching and starch after the curved piecing.  Also, I prefer to use the light from a window to make sure I have the pieces aligned correctly with enough seam allowance.

If you want to add your block or just look at some of the amazing completed blocks, you should check out the QAL Flickr Group.  

Did I mention that I'm excited?!?!  I can't wait to see the blocks.  I know they will be amazing!!!!! 


  1. I love all the curves! And the batiks. :-)

  2. Really excited about making this block for you - I haven't done paper piecing before and I'm well up for the challenge. The fabrics/colours are fab which makes it even more fun. :)


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