Sunday, September 16, 2012


Denyse Schmidt was wonderful. Her Q.S.O.S was really great to hear how this creative woman has made her mark. She has a dance history and she gave us a bit of flat footen' while Alan played the Fiddle!
Our members took home the goods! LUCKY!!!
 John won some goodies!
 Yolanda won TWICE IN  A ROW!
David scored some fabrics! (hope your feeling better)

 And Meeting Karla Overland, Owner of Cherrywood fabrics!  
We grew up not that far apart in MN, so you know we had a lot of chat about!
Check out there fabulous new brights!

 Chris and Mandy
 Andrea and Victoria
Earamichia, Emily and Dolph.
The Quilt Alliance House Challenge Quilts were hung up at City Quilter, and member BetteAnne has hers here too. Top row third from left.
Thanks BetteAnne!

And last, eye candy! Denyse's quilts from her latest book.
Such a fun day!  
Thanks MOD members for being the largest group to be represented!



  1. It was a great day and evening. Looking forward to next year!

  2. so sorry I missed it. You all look great and like you certainly were having fun. Next time I'll have to say no to babysitting grandkids!


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