Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 2013 Bee Block for Maria - Story Of You Block

Here's my October Bee Block for Maria - Story Of You:

  If you'd like to know more about my 'story of me' leading to my fabric choices for the block as always there's a post on my blog made by ChrissieD :)


  1. Loved reading about your fabric choices on your blog!
    And thank you for creating the online pinboard of all the blocks in her quilt so far.
    That was fun to look at.

  2. Thanks Margaret - I always create a new Pinterest board for each Bee block and then add photos of the final made up quilt once the Queen Bee posts about it. Not everyone posts pics of their blocks/quilts but it's fun to see how they're going to look together :D

  3. Hi, Chris! Another touchdown! I am really, really excited with all my blocks. It is exactly as I had envisioned it: a wonderful collection of fabrics, with a story attached to each. I love all your fabrics, how lucky Flicky's quilt had them!
    By the way, I have another 8 blocks that are not posted in our blog. You should see them all together in person!
    I would love to see them in your Pinterest board. Should I email you the pics, or post them as a blog entry and you take them from there?

  4. Thanks Maria, so pleased you love it, it was a great block to make. Posted it to you yesterday so hopefully you'll have it very soon. I can take the pics either way so whatever's easiest for you, excited to see more :D


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