Thursday, January 23, 2014

wonky roman stripe

A couple of bee blocks for Brian........

Brian sent us instructions for a Modern Roman Stripe Block (they are from a book - just not sure which one!)  These blocks are really large and fun - 15"x15".  He provided different stripes of blue fabrics - don't you just love the blueberries?

These went together really quickly, sewing longer strips to the white triangles.  To trim them up, you use a 15" square of freezer paper, folded diagonally corner to corner....lining up the fold with the seam of the white triangle.  Then you iron the shiny side down to the block and trim to the edges of the paper.  It doesn't shift on you because it is ironed! And you can re-use the freezer paper "template" for more than one block.

Have fun with these Brian!

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