Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Love Swaps . . .

Here are the LOVE swaps that we are trading with

They came out wonderfully!  Great job everyone!

 Lisa Mason

 Nicole Gustafson

 Crazy Love by Michele Kucker

 back of Crazy Love

 Judy Corwin

 Come on baby light my fire by Bernadette Forward

 Love it by Kendell Storm

 Nancy Dougherty

 Hearts Aloft by Kim Hryniewicz

 Foerver Love by Helen Beall

Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Margaret Cibulsky 

 Barbara Mummers

 Jody Sullivan

 Love Letters by Ellen Foster

 Chelsey Kohler

 Andrea Murray

 Sandy Naval

 Filled w/love by Earamichia Brown

 back of Filled w/love

 Love never follows a straight path by David Sisson

 Love by Hayden Lees

Love is Like a Butterfly by Tina Marney

Just love these and I know your partners will be thrilled! 
Thanks for playing along.


  1. These are wonderful, well done! Can't wait to see the swaps too.

  2. Thanks for posting, Lisa! LOVE them!

  3. So fun to see them all together! Great job mods:)

  4. Didn't get to see these at the meeting. Great variations on the theme!

  5. These are great. Thanks for posting

  6. What a great collection! Thanks for posting. Is anyone going to post the other shares at that meeting? I was so busy sewing I didn't take any photos myself... there were some terrific quilts!

    1. Nellie is going to do the post on the meeting. She was away on business, but it should be up soon. Lisa

  7. Chris here from the Minneapolis Guild! Love the quilts! We gathered ours yesterday and were super excited to see them all. Xoxo

  8. Feeling All The Love!! They are all Great and there is a special place in my heart for Ms. Chesley!! You Go Girl!!!

  9. So nice to see each one- they are great! Thanks for posting.