Monday, February 3, 2014

Mod Bee - February blocks for Kim

Hi All,
Hayden is really on the ball!  I just gave out the instructions for my month on Saturday (mailing the rest tomorrow:))
For those not in this bee, thought you might like to see the challenge:
Scrappy Nine Patches

For my queen bee month, I’m asking for you all to have some fun with your scraps! This is a pretty simple block - 4 nine-patches sewn together, with a 2” border.  I’ve included:
     four 2” red squares
     two 2” x 9.5” red rectangles for the short sides
     two 2” x 12.5” red rectangles for the long sides

You will need eight 2” squares for each of the nine-patches.  In my example, I picked eight prints of a similar color for each square.  You can do the same ..or use the same print more than once..or use a range of solids..or lights/darks..brights, traditional ..anything goes.  Please use what you have.  I love scrappy favorites and am not looking for a specific colorway.

This is a pretty easy block, so you can have a lot of fun with the prints arrangement.  As you can see, I couldn't stop with just one!!

Thanks to my bee pals!

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  1. love it... may have to steal it for my month in my bee!