Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From MN with Love

My heart melted today when I received this Love quilt from my swap partner at the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild.  Our hearts must be beating in tandem, because the one I made for her was so similar.  But how did she know I am crazy for string quilts???  Thank you, Chris, from the bottom of my "you know what!"


  1. ooh.... can't wait for the mail! Love yours, Helen

  2. Chris said something similar at our meeting in Minneapolis! You guys were were in sync. It was so much fun to open up all the quilts your guild sent at our meeting (I love mine.) Thanks so much for swapping with us!

  3. I loved yours too Helen, and, I was pleasantly shocked that you sent those little squares...did you know that I am making a postage stamp quilt? Totally awesome!


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