Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sewin Day at the City Quilter!

We had a very fun and productive day at the City Quilter yesterday!
Our Sewin was a great success.

Margaret worked on her donation quilt.

Here are minions fast at work.

Kim and Maria

Karen layered her donation quilt. 

Chrissie stopped in at lunch time to see what we were up to.
She was working yesterday, so she kept a close eye on us!
Thanks Chrissie!

Nancy layered and quilted.

 Bernadette fast at work.

Greer made great progress on her twin quilt.

Margaret and Ellen worked so hard on this quilt!
I was so impressed by the calculations and re-arraning.
Great work ladies!

More smiling faces.

There were goody bags.

And we got to meet the Meatballs!

Little G had just woken up, so you know how that goes.

Roassana finished quilting this baby quilt.

Andrea got her top done, with mitered corners I might add!

Bernadette squeaked by with enough blue to put this top together!

And I worked on the "Ugly" Round Robin Quilt.
Karen started it, Bernadette added to it,
and now it's my turn.

I think we are going to have a few more of these collaborative projects.
They are very fun!

And someone who broke her foot,
had to stay home and rest.

But she still managed to sew!
We will plan more of these fun sewing days.
Hope to see you at the next one.


  1. Thanks for organizing Lisa! Fun to sew along side you gals. And get your expert tips! (pins! who knew?).

  2. What fun you all had. I got to the Northern Star Guild's Annual Quilt show...some very impressive works... and then enjoyed some of the sun (with house guests)

  3. I want to quilt the ugly quilt ;-)


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