Monday, October 6, 2014

Cloud9 - Cirrus Solids HST Block Challenge

As part of their big release of their gorgeous Cirrus Solids line, Cloud9 challenged our guild to make a 8.5" block using HSTs only. The instructions were quite specific in terms of design and color use. I love HSTs so it was fun to play with the units in order to find the best combination.

Perhaps I wish that I hadn't seen all the possibilities in the card that came with our little bundle. Of course, you want to do something different, but I soon gave up trying to figure out if my blocks were one of the pictured on the card.

My first block is from their Combo 1 - Refreshing:

The second one is from their Combo 3 - Soothing:

I chose the same accent color (even though it is not apparent in my photos), Lagoon, a beautiful dark blue, to see how one color can affect others. I definitely like my first block better.

Are you also playing with your Cirrus Solids bundle?


  1. I'm so glad you posted these Maria, I found the instructions (first written page under heading COLOR for COLOR GROUP C "use a max of 2 HST - if using 2 HST they must connect") nothing but confusing and set my 2 packs aside until after my travels and in the hope of seeing how others have interpreted them here on the Guild blog.

    If anyone feels they've totally understood the instructions and is able to clarify further I'd love to hear your input - Chris :D

    1. i'm also color combo 3 and have NO IDEA what the instructions are supposed to mean ("connect" with what?)... plus they seem to conflict with the graphics in the pamphlet. i also don't understand how we are supposed to only do a maximum of 2 HST. Sand + Turq is one HST, Sand + Rain would be a 2nd, and then wouldn't your Sand + Additional Color be a 3rd HST...? Hellllp!

    2. Think of the SAND as the white HSTs in the graphic. Think of TURQ and RAIN as the black HSTs. Now choose 1 of the 5 accent colors. Replace 1 HST (either TURQ or RAIN) with the accent HST. Now you could choose to replace 2 HSTs with the accent color provided they are next to each other so that in the finished block they connect and look like 1 HST. Every finished block can only have 1 accent HST. It could be small or large. That's the way I understand the directions. Hope it helps.

  2. Oops! You just made me realize I made a mistake! I finished the first block really late last night and, with all the flipping around, I forgot to keep the accent color HSTs together. Oh, well, I will have to redo this one! I agree with you, it was a bit confusing I think because of the example quilt in the first page. If you forget that one, it is easier.

  3. I like your accent color. It will be a fun pop in all your blocks. And lucky guild for getting to play with a new line of fabric in this challenge!


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