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November 2014 Meeting Show & Tell Recap

I wish I had attended this meeting as it looked like it was so much fun! No fancy frames on this month's photos, but thanks to Lisa, Christa, and Maria for capturing all the details and quilts!

Brian showed us a quilt top for a baby boy made from beautiful Dear Stella fabric. He will send it out to be quilted.

Another baby quilt top! This time from Chris E. For this beautiful design, Chris Googled coloring pages and transferred the designs and hand embroidered them in one night.

Debbie K. shared her first medallion quilt top, using a great palette. Debbie still doesn’t know how she should quilt it.

Another wow piece from Rachael that elicited many "Ooohs!" from the members. She estimates the quilting took about four days on her long arm. The quilt is a commission from a lady who wanted the Scottish flag. Rachael, very appropriately, chose a stylized thistle flower as the main quilting design and then completed it with feathers. Rachael shared her marking technique, which consists of only dots very lightly marked to use as reference.

Maren made this quilt for her mother-in-law. It is a replica of an old quilt she had owned and that was beyond repair. Her mother-in-law chose new fabric but Maren kept the design and dimensions identical to the original. She used the no-waste method to make the flying geese, until she discovered it doesn’t work well with directional fabric!

Chelsea attended a quilt retreat in Lancaster, PA with her mother. She finished the quilt in that weekend! Her mitered corners look very precise and the quilt has very smart use of fabric and color.

Kathy’s mother has a basement full of treasures. An example is several boxes of her grandmother's Dresden Plate wedges, all cut and ready to be appliqué. Kathy asked and was given permission to do as she pleased with them. For her sister’s 60th birthday, she created this wall hanging quilt, using purples and greens, all 1930s fabrics. The solids are current fabric. Her sister loved the quilt but asked to have the sleeve placed horizontally, which would suit her better.

Karen H. made this lovely quilt for a couple, friends of her husband, who are expecting a child. They lived in Canada, hence the use of cozy flannel backing. Very ingeniously, she sparingly quilted using a decorative stitch.

As in previous meetings, Anita held a wonderful mini-class to show members how different blocks can be made from the same piecing. Her tutorial is published in Quiltmaker magazine and can be downloaded here.  With her paper piecing method, you can make all the pieces in the block except the center. Additionally, there is no trimming as she has done all the calculations for us!

We took a short break...

More submissions to the Craft Hope challenge! Thanks for organizing, Tina.

More about the Art Quilt challenge from Bernadette and Michele.

Yvette showed us a quilt she made for a co-worker’s baby. She used the Charming Quilt pattern created for her new joint venture with Andrea D, an online fabric shop, GothamQuilts. Gotham Quilts also offers the pattern and a kit. Yvette also talked to us about her experience at Market.

Sarah D. showed us her only 2014 quilt, and we can see why! It is a true two-sided quilt, and she did the quilting as well.

Lisa got into a Pat Sloan mistery quilt-along, which features one block from a different place in the world. This globetrotting top of Lisa’s, featuring her signature bright colors (she confessed that they might even be a bit too bright even for her!), needs quilting, but she is not sure yet how she will tackle the next step.

Faithful to her environmentally conscious quilting style, Tina’s quilt – a Christmas gift for her boyfriend’s mom-- is made of repurposed or recycled material. She lifted some HSTs from our swap table (they were Lisa’s), got some shot cotton at a thrift store, used some yoga pants, an Indian shirt and even a bedsheet. All together, a beautiful quilt!

Laura realized that completing a whole quilt to donate to a charity auction was less than realistic, so she lowered her own expectations and worked on making four pillowcases for a gift basket instead. The pillowcases feature Frozen characters, the most popular this year for young girls. Using the burrito method, making the cases was super easy!

Jennifer is taking a Color Class at City Quilter with Susan Sato and this is her rendition of using her least favorite color in a quilt. She used Katie Pederson’s flip triangles method.

Jennifer also showed us a fantastic quilt she bought at an estate auction for $60! (many gasps here from the audience) She tried to clean it softly first but at her mother’s advice, she washed the quilt on her machine to get rid of the musty odors. She doesn’t know the quilt’s provenance or its date but she is looking forward to fully restore this beauty.

Karen showed us a quilt she made and had handquilted by somebody in Arkansas.

Karen also shared with us an experiment in hand-dyeing. The tight weave of the fabric she used made it quite difficult to hand quilt.

Wina is a new member who just moved from Colorado. She showed us a quilt she made using the fedora hat paper piecing pattern by Penny Layman. Everybody welcomed her and complimented her quilt.

Too busy with bees, challenges and block lottos, Maria did not finish a quilt to show. Instead, she brought two cushion covers she made by continuing sewing the HSTs from the Cloud9 challenge. Maria made two blocks from amazing Cirrus Solids, backed them with batting and appliquéd them to two Ikea cushion covers. No zipper was installed during this project!

A lucky winner of Block Lotto, Rossanna used her winnings and mixed disappearing  nine-patch and railway blocks. She long-armed the quilt at a friend’s house.

Cynthia showed us two beautiful baby quilts made for our Inwood House charity using the fabric from Cloud9 Fabrics. Andrea will deliver them to two happy moms-to-be!

More outtakes!

Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

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