Sunday, February 8, 2015

The time has come...

I am sad that I missed the meeting yesterday (again!), I look forward to the virtual show-and-tell. I've been so busy with work and life lately that I haven't sewn much. Yesterday, though, I made great progress towards adding a border to my lap quilt:

I finally basted it to the border I made months ago! This project stalled for so long that I kept thinking that this step would be really hard- but I took out the remaining templates in about an hour (while watching a movie), ironed the piece in less than an hour, and pinned it to the border in less than an hour. It's amazing how much easier tasks are than I think they will be, when I just get started. Here's to Jess's "Monday" Morning Start Count- happy sewing, all!

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  1. I will be glad when I get to the point that I can pin to the border. Congrats on coming this far!


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