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March 7 Meeting - Show & Tell Recap

Hello Mods! We had a fabulous Show & Tell at our March 7th meeting-- a lot was shared and discussed. A special thank you to Maria for taking and sharing notes!

To commemorate Daylight Savings Time beginning, Andrea M. suggested we all share a block with what we would do with an extra hour. The blocks were displayed on the design wall.

Maria kicked off Show & Tell with this beauty of a quilt top she started during her first year as a quilter. It took a few years but she finally assembled all the blocks and is hoping the quilting won’t take as long to be done.

Chris shared a lovely baby quilt she made.

Victoria showed the members her newest book, Double Wedding Ring Quilts, and shared with us also some of the quilts from the book not included in the exhibition. The first one is all about New York, an homage to the Garment District where she lives and its history. The second quilt is a variation of the class Victoria taught at Quiltcon. In her class, she teaches many tips and tricks to make the DWR blocks easy “piecey”.

Margaret showed us a quilt top she put together when experimenting with several brown striped fabrics. The outside border was done and redone, as the first attempt did not give her the expected result.

Margaret also shared her additions to one of the round robin quilts circulating around the guild!

Ivete showed us the bag she made, right on the eleventh hour, to bring to Quiltcon. It is made using the Noodlehead Poolside Tote pattern and the lining is pure Tula Pink gorgeousness.

Besides sporting her bag at Quiltcon, Ivete took four quilting technique classes and she showed us the samples she made during them. An interesting piece of info she shared with the members was Krista Withers’ technique of quilting straight lines all around the borders of a quilt to ensure it lays flat.

Nellie took Lee Heinrich’s advanced piecing class at Quiltcon. The students had to precut everything at home and spend the full day class precisely piecing 12 inch blocks from Lee's book, Vintage Quilt Revival

The round robin quilts keep going! Kim worked on Karen’s other quilt, and Andrea M is next.

Caroline, the very talented daughter of our President, Lisa, came to visit and showed us a quilt she made and which is soon being shipped to England. Her friend called for flowers in any color and that is what she will get in this beautifully scrappy trip around the world.

Lisa took Sherri Lynn Wood’s challenge to make a quilt using one of her scores for her new book and showed us the product of this process. Lisa found it difficult to work with an improv mandate when at the same time there were many constrains and rules. She chose the rhythmic score and her favorite part is the jagged edge she created. In fact, she prefers the backing! Lisa also shared a lovely tote bag she made for her daughter, Caroline.

Andrea brought her mother’s birthday quilt to show us how Rachael quilted it. She worked around the pictures and even though it is densely quilted, it is still wonderfully soft for her mom to snuggle under. She now needs to trim it and bind it.

We took a quick break to discuss Victoria's Sizzix Challenge! All are encouraged to participate!

Karen shared the latest Round Robin madness. This one was just returned from Cynthia.

Karen made a quilt for her friend Emily’s baby. The back is personalized with the baby’s name, Eleanor.

Debbie took a running stitch quilting class at The City Quilter and has been working on this beautiful quilt for one year. It is quilted with Pearl Cotton. Like Lisa, she likes her backing side better!

One of the classes she took at Quiltcon was a mono printing technique class, led by Lizzy House. Andrea shared with us the basics of this simple technique and showed us her designs.

Last Summer, Stephanie started this stunning hexagon quilt, for which she used many brown repurposed fabrics (there are former curtains, laundry bags and sheets in the mix). The backing was made out of an old duvet cover. Stephanie is very happy with this impressive quilt, but shared the fact that it will be a while before she does another EPP quilt.

Greer shared with the members a baby quilt she made for her cousin newest baby, the fifth! Even though it is a tall order to make each baby his own quilt, Grier is satisfied by the thought that there are no hand-me-downs and that all the other moms are jealous!

She chose a beautiful under the sea pattern, with all the fabrics sourced from Gotham Quilts! Greer free motion quilted the quilt and stuffed some of the bubbles for added texture.

Returning from a quilting class with Angela Walters at Quiltcon, she followed the teacher’s advice and took all her unquilted work and started practicing on it. This quilt was pieced two summers ago, during a quilting retreat in Maryland. The pattern, from the 1990s, called for an unusual technique that left sizable holes at the center of each block. Allison went to town quilting over the holes and the result is amazing.

Jean, an avid tea drinker, designed this quilt in which each tea cup has a different kind of tea tag. Charming!

Double show and tell from Sara! She shared this beautiful quilt, quilted on her home machine and also the fact that her daughter has just been accepted to the prestigious La Guardia High School for the Arts. Proud mother!

To celebrate her mom’s 87th birthday this April, Kathy made a quilt loosely inspired by the works of Georgia O’Keefe. She worked several layers to make the petals, using tulle and fraying the edge of the fabrics. She used for the center of the flower the leftover frayed threads and now has only some beading to do. Kathy shared how she solved a puckering problem she had on the outside borders: she filled the sections with leftover batting and created a frame of sorts for the flower.

Kathy also showed us a quilt her grandmother made. This beautiful piece is entirely hand pieced and hand quilted.

We know now of Tina’s self mandate of using what she has on her shelves for her quilting. This time, she showed us a quilt made with an abandoned Union Jack project. She super sliced it and then matchstick quilted it. Transformed!

Our fellow member Helen had made a mini Amish quilt that set Bernadette designing wheels in motion. Inspired by Helen’s quilt she made this one, and discovered that she doesn’t do mini… or Amish. She has titled it Rumspringa, an Amish rite of passage to decide if you want to remain within the community.

Ruby, Brian’s new granddaughter born in December, inspired this beautiful quilt.

Judy shared with us a sampler block quilt…

Jennifer showed us two samples of freezer paper reverse appliqué that she made in Rossie Hutchinson’s class. Members were intrigued about the process, which Jennifer insisted was very simple, yet difficult to describe. Once you see somebody doing it, it becomes easy.

Andrea shared a family heirloom quilt that she inherited from her great grandmother. The quilt is stunning, but has a few stains, so Andrea would like some suggestions on how to clean it.


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