Monday, April 6, 2015

Travel Sewing Pouch

Hello Mods et al.,
I haven't been to a meeting in too long! But I've been making progress on the travel sewing pouch I started last November. It's made out of leftovers from my major work-in-progress (more on that soon, I hope!). I finished piecing it:

I'm planning to finish it after the pattern for a laptop bag in Jess's book. I just need to choose a lining, and decide how to quilt it... I'm so excited to replace the "temporary" bag I've been using for years! (Note: the new one won't close with a safety pin...)
Here's hoping to see all you Mods again in May! I'm so glad Jess's star count is still going...


  1. Lovely, Christa! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.......!

  2. that looks interesting! I might need to check out Jess's book I have not seen it.

  3. Really coming along nice.. loving the warm browns & golds.

  4. What great idea. I will have to check back and see how this turns out.


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