Thursday, December 1, 2016

Show and Tell - November 2016

In the absence of Show and Tell photos for October and November 2016, I'm posting photos from my own Instagram from the October and November meetings.  

These are by no means a full representation of the work shown so if you have additional photos that we can include in this post please email them to me here on the Guild email.  If you have any info you'd like included here about your quilt email me and I'll update the post.

November 2016
Modern Square in a Square - November Block Lotto, won by Maria G (again!!! 😉) and gifted to Nellie W.

Cynthia C

Someone let me know who this beauty belongs to :D 

One of our Ugly Quilts - with proud Ugly Quilt mama Karen H 

Greer M 

Maureen H 

Margaret C with her Improv: Beyond The Bee quilt top

Sara D 

Maria G 

Jody S 

Our 2014 Summer Challenge - Variations On A Theme blocks are now a quilt top. 

Maureen W 

Emily N 

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