Monday, June 18, 2018

Summer 2018 Challenge!

This summer’s guild challenge is inspired by game boards, classic and modern.  The graphic nature of game boards makes them ripe for interpreting as quilts. Think Monopoly, chess, Chinese checkers, Parcheesi, Royal Game of Ur, Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, Twister, Scrabble, backgammon, Battleship, Boggle, Chinese (animal) chess, cribbage, mahjongg, card games and even Operation!  

The Challenge is to interpret the game board theme in a way that suits your personal quilting aesthetic and skills.  Whether creating a quilt inspired by a particular game board, or creating your own game expressed as a quilt, all interpretations are welcome!  Have fun and feel free to think outside the box.

The size is up to you!  We’d envisioned them being at least 16”, but if a smaller, larger (or even bed size) quilt works best for your idea - go for it!  I’m thinking to do a life-size Twister board in florals on a low-volume ground.  

While this is beginning as our summer challenge, the project isn’t due until December.  Hopefully, that will give you enough time to fit it into your project queue!  

Pinterest board: “Board Game Inspiration”

Monday, June 11, 2018

June Meeting Recap

New Board and Committee Members
We're excited to begin planning for next year!

2018-2019 Guild Year Board Members
President: Marie Cloutier
Vice President: Deborah Bingham
Secretary: Sue Erdreich
Treasurer: Andrea Murray
Membership: Christine Economos

2018-2019 Guild Year Committee Chairs
Programs: Jean Ruvel, Alyson Ruvel, Diana Cherryholmes, Laura Catlan
Charity: Maureen Wirth
Block Lotto: TBD
Newsletter: Nancy Dougherty

Retreat Chairs
Winter Retreat 2019: Open
Spring Retreat 2019: Ellen Foster

If you'd like to volunteer to help one of the Committees, please reach out directly to them.

Friday, May 11, 2018

May Meeting Recap

Filling our Board and Committee Positions

We have several Board positions coming up for a vote in June, and Committee positions that need to be filled. So far we have:

Membership: Chris E.
Vice President: Deborah B.
Treasurer: Open

Programs: Jean R., Alyson R., Diana C.
Charity: Open
Block Lotto / Summer Challenge: Open

If you'd like to volunteer to help this Guild thrive, please let us know before the June meeting. Committees can be multiple people...grab you friends!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April Meeting Recap

Thanks to Maria G. for this great space!

We had a great time at our "mini retreat".
Plans are in the works to do it again.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

April Block Lotto

April Block Lotto

Tile Blocks with Striped Fabrics

Selecting Your Fabrics:

In the first sample (top) the value of the center and the three corner blocks is light.
The stripes are dark.  Therefore the four pieces surrounding the center are of 
medium value.
In the third sample (bottom right) the value of the center and the three corner blocks is
medium.  The stripes are light.  Therefore the four pieces surrounding the center 
are dark.
Directions to make for the second sample (bottom left) follow.

(You can see here that this block measures 13" square.)

Cutting Your Fabric:

1.   One 5" Center block and twelve 2 1/2" squares in the same value.
       In the sample above the center is dark.  Therefore, the three corner blocks are dark.
       They do not have to be three different fabrics.  You could make them
       all from the same fabric or you could make one or more match the center square.
       It's the value that counts.

2.    Around the dark center there are four 2 1/2" x 5" pieces in a light value.

3.   From striped fabric in a medium value, cut four 2 1/2" x 5" pieces and pay attention to 
      the direction the outer stripes must go before you cut into your fabric.  Then cut four 
      2 1/2"  squares.  The direction of the inside striped pieces does not matter.  In the
      sample above the diagonal pieces are going in the same direction. 

Sewing Your Block Together:

1.  Sew you block together in columns (or rows).
2.  Press all the seams in a column in the same direction.
3.  Alternate the direction each time you press a column so that when you go to sew
     all the columns together they nest easily.  Back view:

Saturday, March 10, 2018

March Meeting Recap

Still Trying Out Our New Space!

We tried a different setup this time, so we could view a slide show from Quiltcon created by Anita.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March Block Lotto

Let's Celebrate Flowers!

To Make One Block You Need:

One 6" square of fussy cut "painterly" flower fabric (any colors)
Four 2 1/2" squares (same fabric)
Four  6"  x  1 1/2" white, white-on-white, or  off-white strips 

Step One:
Sew two of the white strips to the square on opposite sides.  Press
so that these white strips remain flat on the back.

Step Two:
Then sew the remaining two strips to the square on the other opposite sides.
Trim off the extra  1/2" of fabric you've lost doing Step One. 
Press the last two strips away from the center.

Step Three:

Draw a diagonal line on a smaller squares and crease.

Align that diagonal crease as in the above photo.  (When you sew on the line
you drew, ideally you want to just touch that corner of the 6" square.)  Open the square, 
pin, and sew on the diagonal. Press closed toward the corner.

Repeat for the remaining corners.

Step Four:
Trim the extra fabric from the corners and press.

The block measures 8" square.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Baby Quilts for 'Room to Grow'

Hi Mods! Our next charity project is making baby quilts for Room to Grow. This is a fantastic local charity that supports families in NYC, giving them access to the resources they need for their babies to thrive. You can check out their website at

A few notes about the baby quilts...

  • They will be given to babies between the ages of 0-3,
  • They must be in new condition (not previously used),
  • They must be machine washable,
  • Minimum size is 30" x 40"

You can use whatever fabric, colors and patterns you like - so long as the quilts are suitable for infants, and they're good enough quality to be given away as gifts.

The project deadline is our guild meeting on Saturday June 2nd.

To kick-start the project, we're having a 'Charity Sew-In' after our guild meeting on Saturday April 7th. We'd love for you to join us! Bring along your sewing equipment and materials, and we'll start working on our baby quilts together! (The board will provide further details about this event - including the meeting place & time.)

If you have any questions about the baby quilt project, please contact Eva LB.
A big thank you to everyone for taking part in this project! I can't wait to see all your beautiful quilts!