Thursday, October 28, 2010

Charming on a Removable Design Wall

 i have my design wall in size 36x45 to ensure that I am not creating anymore magilla's that i don't finish...(perhaps i will bring my queens size quilt that was my intro project to quilting...still not finished ... now almost 11 years later... all hand work, pieced, basted and began to hand quilt...yikes) i have been able to dabble a bit in my newly re-re-modified "sweat shop"... but of course with the dabble comes the desire for a "Real" quilt worthy machine...yes, i know any machine works, harken back to the days when there was only a straight stitch machine...but the efficiency factor is a major plus...began considering the Big "B" cult brand...then discovered something on the "Horizon"...and now looking to "lock" down my decision to my basic desires....the ability to free motion with a knee lift, needle stop, large harp space, and built in walking foot...with accessories if i desire to use the other gazillion stitches...ANY THOUGHTS....

Dave I have veered from what i was working on at the last meeting...will hopefully get back to that...I am trying out some other things that has come into my mind...hopefully i will have some things done...and/or nearing completion.... here is a look at some charming fabric...don't recall if its Moda or Fassett 5" charm squares...still playing with design....just thought the name of the fabric "LOVE" series...should be inspiring...smiles.


  1. LOVE fabrics, for sure. Looking very sensual so far. You must be having a grand time!

  2. Oh I see some yummy Kaffe fabrics here! What fun. Love the colors.
    E. I have a Bernina 910 that I have been using for over 20 years and it is a dream. I don't do alot of fancy stitches, but I do have a walking foot for quilting. Good luck!

  3. I have a Bernina Aurora 430 with Stitch Regulator that I am not using. Can we talk?

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my JUKI.... knee lift and thread cutter...and fast as all get out... TL-98-Q...
    super awesome machine, I have TWO!
    Your Kaffe prints look great! bring that 11 year old project in Dec... Now we are all curious!


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