Sunday, November 18, 2018

December Block Lotto

How To Play Block Lotto
Each month Block Lotto block instructions are posted here on the blog.  
Make as many blocks as you like and bring them along to the next meeting.  
For each block you bring along and donate to the lotto draw, you will be given a lotto ticket:

1 block = 1 lotto ticket
2 blocks = 2 tickets
3 blocks = 3 tickets, and so on.

If you're the lucky winner of the lotto draw then ALL the Block Lotto blocks donated at that meeting are yours to keep.

At the April 2017 meeting, members agreed that Block Lotto blocks belong to the winner who can do with them as they wish.  It is asked, however, that the quilt is entered into the group category of any competition entered.

Good Luck!

December 2018 Block Lotto

Blue & White Rail Fence block

Last week's snowstorm got me thinking about winter.  I love the deep blue and cool white/gray of the snowy, winter landscape at night.  So I went through my stash and pulled out medium to dark blue and cool white and light gray fabrics.  This block is perfect for using up jelly rolls, charm packs and making a dent in some of the larger pieces of fabric in my stash.

To make one Rail Fence block:

Cut 4 cool white / light gray strips 2 1/2 " x 4 1/2"
Cut 4 medium / dark blue strips 2 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Place one blue strip on top of one white strip, right sides together.  Pin on one long edge.  Stitch scant 1/4" seam.  Chain piecing makes this quick and easy.  Press seams to the blue side.

You will have four blue and white units.  Each unit should measure 4 1/2" square:

High contrast between the blue and white fabrics and careful placement of the stitched units are what make this block work.  I like to take photos with my phone as I'm working to be sure I stitch everything in the correct order.  Arrange the four stitched units like this:

Pin and stitch the top two units together and then repeat for the bottom two units.

You will now have two rows:

Pin the two rows together and stitch.  Press seams to one side.

Voila! One rail fence block done.  The block should measure 8 1/2" square.

This is what four blocks will look like.  You can see the rail fence pattern emerging the more blocks you make.

Have fun making these blocks!  I'm looking forward to seeing them at the December meeting.  Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

November 2018 Recap

Gigi Henries Jones from Vai Girl brought her beautiful fabrics!

"Vai" comes from the name of her tribe in Liberia.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Upcoming Programs

You won't want to miss any of this!

Our Programs Committee has been working hard to bring all of these fun events to our meetings.


Gigi Henries Jones will be vending her African fabrics.
She'll also have a surprise for the
 raffle table!


Martelli Enterprises will be giving a demo of their wonderful quilting tools.

"White Elephant" swap and Holiday party.


No regular meeting, but we have our Winter Retreat!


Usha from Handloom Batiks will be vending.

Lisa M. will be teaching us to make these fun pin cushions.
Don't forget to bring a base!


Quiltcon Talkback
and some other surprises...


Cynthia C. will teach us a special method for making binding.

Dippy Dyes will be selling their fabulous hand-dyed fabrics.


Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill from Whole Circle Studio will be giving a lecture, trunk show, and vending!


Board elections and more...stay tuned. In addition to our regular meeting, we have our Summer Retreat!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

October 2018 Meeting Recap

Welcome Back!

It's great to start another year of quilting inspiration!

We had a fun icebreaker where members introduced themselves and told us something about their lives.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Summer 2018 Challenge!

This summer’s guild challenge is inspired by game boards, classic and modern.  The graphic nature of game boards makes them ripe for interpreting as quilts. Think Monopoly, chess, Chinese checkers, Parcheesi, Royal Game of Ur, Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, Twister, Scrabble, backgammon, Battleship, Boggle, Chinese (animal) chess, cribbage, mahjongg, card games and even Operation!  

The Challenge is to interpret the game board theme in a way that suits your personal quilting aesthetic and skills.  Whether creating a quilt inspired by a particular game board, or creating your own game expressed as a quilt, all interpretations are welcome!  Have fun and feel free to think outside the box.

The size is up to you!  We’d envisioned them being at least 16”, but if a smaller, larger (or even bed size) quilt works best for your idea - go for it!  I’m thinking to do a life-size Twister board in florals on a low-volume ground.  

While this is beginning as our summer challenge, the project isn’t due until December.  Hopefully, that will give you enough time to fit it into your project queue!  

Pinterest board: “Board Game Inspiration”

Monday, June 11, 2018

June Meeting Recap

New Board and Committee Members
We're excited to begin planning for next year!

2018-2019 Guild Year Board Members
President: Marie Cloutier
Vice President: Deborah Bingham
Secretary: Sue Erdreich
Treasurer: Andrea Murray
Membership: Christine Economos

2018-2019 Guild Year Committee Chairs
Programs: Jean Ruvel, Alyson Ruvel, Diana Cherryholmes, Laura Catlan
Charity: Maureen Wirth
Block Lotto: TBD
Newsletter: Nancy Dougherty

Retreat Chairs
Winter Retreat 2019: Open
Spring Retreat 2019: Ellen Foster

If you'd like to volunteer to help one of the Committees, please reach out directly to them.

Friday, May 11, 2018

May Meeting Recap

Filling our Board and Committee Positions

We have several Board positions coming up for a vote in June, and Committee positions that need to be filled. So far we have:

Membership: Chris E.
Vice President: Deborah B.
Treasurer: Open

Programs: Jean R., Alyson R., Diana C.
Charity: Open
Block Lotto / Summer Challenge: Open

If you'd like to volunteer to help this Guild thrive, please let us know before the June meeting. Committees can be multiple people...grab you friends!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April Meeting Recap

Thanks to Maria G. for this great space!

We had a great time at our "mini retreat".
Plans are in the works to do it again.