Sunday, January 26, 2020

Layering & Embellishing on Wool at Our February Meeting

In preparation for our February meeting, and in addition to our regular show and tell and general meeting, those who would like to, can learn or brush up on:

Layering and Embellishing on Wool

Class Description:
Learn Sue Spargo's Techniques of Layering using wool, other fabrics, and stitches on wool.  

I will have wool kits available to purchase for $15.00 for anyone who wants to participate.  I can accept credit cards (will need to add a small cc fee), checks and cash, and will have lots of change, so do not worry about having exact change!

Each kit includes:
6" square of felted wool (not to be confused with craft felt.  Felted wool is supple and lovely to stitch through.)
One Large Wool Pre-Cut circle 4"-5" 
The option to choose one to three 1.5" - 3.5" Pre-Cut Wool circles
The option to choose from 1/4" - 1" Pre-Cut Wool Circles
Wool thread to whipstitch your circles onto the base square
#8 Perle Cotton to practice stitches (not pictured below, but will have plenty for everyone to use during our time together.) 
1 - Size 24 Chenille Needle
1 - Size 3 Milliners Needle (for Bullion Stitches)

If anyone prefers to bring their own wool, that's fine too, but please be sure the wool is felted wool and NOT Craft's Felt.  Also bring another smaller piece of wool in a contrasting color to whip stitch onto the main piece.  I can go over using other materials as well if people want, but otherwise will go over stitches we can then apply to our pieces.  

In addition, I will bring a number of pieces in to show what can be done using these techniques.  

Really excited, and I hope some of you will be interested in joining me!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

February Block Lotto: "Made Fabric" to mark our guild's 10th Anniversary!

This being our guild's 10th anniversary year, we thought it would be fun to do a Block Lotto to reflect on our beginnings.  Our guild was founded by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, who kindly hosted our first meetings in her Manhattan loft.   One of Victoria's signature techniques is creating and using "made fabric" in her stunning, original quilt designs.   This improvisation technique is playful, uses up scraps, and produces pieces that can be cut up or trimmed to make dynamic quilt elements.

For our February Block Lotto, we invite you to make block-size pieces of made fabric, 10"-12" on each side.  Also, because it's for February, with Valentine's love in the air, please use about 50% fabric with red and/or pink.   For my sample, shown below, I also threw in some yellow, dark blue and white to add contrast and light, but the combination is really up to you.  Your pieces do not have to be square, but should be between 10" and 12" on each side.

Happily, for those who have never made "made fabric," Victoria has a nifty tutorial at  I began my sample with a 5-sided shape as she suggests - the wonky floral pentagon in the middle, which is actually one of her early floral fabric designs! - and am very happy with the results.  

Just as in all Block Lotto projects, participants will get one ticket for each piece of made fabric they contribute, each ticket being a chance to win them all!  (Plus, it turns scraps into something lovely, so you really win either way!)

I hope everyone will make at least one piece for this, as it marks such a special occasion! 

Project Summary:
Block: piece of "Made Fabric" 
Size: 10"-12" on each edge - does not have to be square
Colors: use 50% red and/or pink fabrics
Fabric: quilting cotton 
Questions? Contact Deborah at

Sunday, December 8, 2019

December Meeting Recap!

December Meeting Recap!

For those of you who could not make it, we had a fantastic meeting and you were missed. 

Tina kicked things off by welcoming our guests and anyone new and then introduced our presenter, Linda Warren who is a pattern designer, teacher and  creator of the "Learning Curve Ruler".  For more information on Linda and her ruler, go to Linda Warren Designs.
Linda showed us four quilt tops that she made using her Learning Curve Ruler.  
Over The Moon


A version of Moonlighting
Well Rounded 

  • Quilt tops, donated fabrics and pillow cases are being given to various charities.
  • We need someone familiar with Wordpress to volunteer to update website.
  • Anyone interested in an “informal, members teaching members” for March - June meetings, please speak with Tina.  
  • Maureen was unanimously voted in as our new Treasurer. Thank you Maureen for stepping up!
Member Announcements:
  • Jody is raffling a large quilt top.  The money raised will be given to New Dawn an organization for victims of domestic violence.

  • Yvette - co-owner of Gotham Quilts has a monthly sewing evening.  $35 from 6-9pm at Gotham and has offered NYCMetroModQuiltGuild the opportunity to do the same. Her store has sewing machines and can accommodate 10-14 people. More information will be given.
Round Robin Quilt:
  •  The current round robin quilt went from Maureen to Chris.

  • Tina showed the newest round robin quilt - Deborah took it to continue it.

  • Grace showed another Round Robin, which went to Margaret.

FabScrap Challenge:
  • All fabscrap quilts will be displayed at the FabScrap Shop - 110 West 26th Street - now until December 21st.  There will be a separate blog post featuring all the Fab Scrap Challenge quilts. Many of these are for sale with monies going to either NYCMetro Mod Quilt Guild or FabScrap.

Block Lotto:
  • The November Blocks were raffled and the winner was Deborah.

  • The December Block Lotto, due in February (Separate blog post to come) has a Valentine’s Day theme.  Approximately 10” square, in pinks and reds, Deborah will post a tutorial in the next few weeks.

Show & Tell:
  • 10 Members Showed Their Projects
     Jody's "1 in a Minion" Quilt

    Margaret's Quilt 
    The Inspiration For Margaret's Quilt

    Ariane's Quilt For her Sister
    Ariane's "Beyond The Garden" Quilt

    Kathy's Baby Quilt
    Kathy's Quilt Top

Maren's Baby Quilt
Maren's Charity Quilt using Donated Fabrics

Sue's FabScrap Pillow

Diane's Wreath
Diane's Disappearing Bento Box Quilt

Anthony's "Puzzle Pieces or Cookie Cutter" Quilt

Anthony's Color Wheel in Motion Quilt
The Back of Color Wheel in Motion

Jennifer's FabScrap Challenge
"Because What's More Fabulous Than Fresh Flowers in Winter?
The Back of her FabScrap Challenge

Willie's  Baby Quilt

Members engaged in a Fat Quarter Swap much to everyone's delight.
  • Update on the January retreat (we are fully booked!)
  • Chris has already booked the June retreat in Mariandale in Ossining and Maren has volunteered to organize it.
25 Million Stitches:
  • Members stayed and stitched!

There will not be a January meeting. For those who are going to the January Retreat, see you there!

February Meeting:

  • Please bring your 25 Million Stitches panel so that Tina has time to sew them together and send.
  • Bring your Block Lottos
  • Bring quilt tops for Show & Tell
  • Ariane will be demonstrating Sue Spargo's layering on wool and stitching techniques, so if you'd like to participate, bring in some wool and threads. Ariane will also have lots of threads and some wool for members who would like to participate.

Monday, November 4, 2019

November Meeting Recap!

Our November Meeting Recap
For those of you who could not make it, we had a fantastic meeting and you were missed.  If you haven't done so yet, please remember to renew your membership and to all who have renewed, and to our many new members - Thank you and Welcome!

We began with another of Deborah's icebreakers.  As there were so many new members it was a "Getting to Know You" icebreaker; each member stated their name, what their favorite thing about quilting is, their pet peeve about quilting and what inspires them the most when it comes to quilts and quilting.

Tina then discussed the agenda for the day's meeting.
This past Summer Challenge was for members to share old blocks they no longer had a purpose for and ufo's with another member who then made something of the block.
We had a show and tell of those members who brought their finished pieces in and look forward to more members bringing in their finished pieces next month!  Remember if you are posting your creations for the Summer Challenge use the hashtag #nycmetromodcutsitup so we can all follow along.
Below are the wonderful things members created using other member's discarded blocks and ufos.

Anthony gives Tina his block
and Tina transforms his block into this!

Tina gives Nelson her block
and Nelson makes it into this!
Nelson turns this abandoned pumpkin block into this!

Nelson gives Andrea his block
and Andrea makes this!
Andrea gives Deborah her block
and Deborah makes it into this!
and this is the back

Deborah gives Teresa her block
and Teresa makes it into this!

Teresa gives Chris her "Victoria" block
and Chris makes it into this!
Alyson gives Ellen her blocks
Ellen makes this!
And this is the back

Ellen gives Jean her blocks 
and Jean makes those blocks into this!
Jean gives Sue her block
And Sue made this with it!

After that exciting show & tell, Tina reminded everyone of our FabScrap challenge whose theme is: FABULOUS
The Mini Quilt Challenge is to use FabScrap Fabric using the prompt "Fabulous" to make a quilt that is no larger than 16" on any one side and no smaller than 12" on any one side.  Please refer to Tina's blog post for more on this fabulous challenge.
Lisa shows us her finished Fabulous Piece

Sue urged all of us to sign up for the January 10th - 12th winter retreat.  Guests are welcome. It will be held at Mariandale in Ossining. I just signed up and am very excited to spend time with everyone else who will be going.

Did you know that NYC Metro Mod Quilt Guild is on Instagram? Our user handle is: @nycmetromod or click on the link provided.  We are also on Facebook.  So come follow our Facebook page - NYCMetroMod and if you're a member, we have a member's only facebook page. Just another incentive to join up now!!

Round Robin:  If anyone has a round robin quilt - let the group know so we can make a note of it and keep it going.  Tina began a new round robin from the scraps left at the last meeting.  Judy has taken it to work on.

Maureen showed next month’s quilt block - a Scrappy Strips Block - Scrappy stripes against a white background. Finished blocks are 15.5”  For more info read her blog post about it.
Maureen (with Tina's help) shows us her Scrappy Strips Block
Deborah raffled off the Block Lotto blocks. They went to our new member, Dawn.
Deborah picks the raffle numbers for the Block Lotto Winner
24" blocks

Nina Edelman gave a terrific presentation "Textiles & Tears" about the stitching/quilting/sewing movement by (mostly) women throughout history.  Her presentation was inspired by the book "Memories of Survival" by Esther Nisenthal Krinitz & Bernice Steinhardt.

The monthly raffle drawing was done, followed by Lisa thanking members for making so many pillowcases that her daughter is collecting for the Elizabeth Seton Center.  The hope is to give one pillowcase to each person there, so the collection and need for more continues.  Here is the link to the PDF file for the Hot Diggity Dog Pillowcase and a link to the You Tube video for directions for the Crafty Gemini Pillowcases.
Lisa with one of the pillowcases being donated.

Member's Show & Tell
Sue with her improvisational quilt, "Super Nova" using the theme "Stars" 
Alyson's Quilt
One of two quilts Jean made for Charity
Jean's second quilt 
Chris's Quilt begun in a class with Andrea Dale "Out of the Box"

 Marie shows us her
two quilts - the one on the left is for Charity.
Lisa's Quilt

Margaret's Quilt begun at last January's Retreat for a Quilt-Along using all scraps
Jody's Quilt using stars from her stash

 Diane - "A Total Witch Hunt"

And her two "Truth" blocks.
Diane's quilts will be at "Quilt Works at the Manor" where her work will be exhibited and she will give a talk.
from 12-4pm

29 Warburton Ave. Yonkers, NY 10701
For more info call (914) 965-4027

Bernadette shows her "Welcome" Quilt
 Ariane shows her two quilts.  The one on the left is a Sue Spargo "Flower Pot" design begun at a Sue Spargo workshop she took at Madeline Island and the one on the right is Sue Spargo's Sand Dollars, which was the second week of the workshop at Madeline Island.

Deborah Kellogg's Improvisational Quilt that will be raffled off to raise money for refugee families
Jacquie's Quilt

 Nina's Charity Quilt front & back

Cathy's "Baby Bento" Quilt

 Cathy's Improvisational Quilts

As time was running short, Tina discussed the guild’s participation in 25 Million Stitches 
An example of one member's hand stitching for the 25 Million Stitches Project

For Our December Meeting: It was decided that people will take pieces of muslin home with them and we will hand stitch more  at the December meeting. Many of us will be bringing in threads to share with everyone. I have a bag filled with Valdani Perle Cotton #8 & #5 threads both variegated and solids, as well as many other threads for people to use, as well as lots of needles. Each stitch represents one refugee.  If you have a specific design that you'd like to stitch, bring it to the December meeting. For more details you can go to Jennifer Kim Sohn's website where she also has examples of some of the work that has already been submitted.