Sunday, October 6, 2019

October Meeting Recap!

Welcome to New York City Metro Modern Quilter's Guild October Meeting Highlights!!

Reminder:  If you haven't joined our wonderful guild yet, don't forget to do so.  It's quick and easy - go to NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild to sign up online.

Tina - our fabulous new president, kicked things off with a warm welcome to our new members and guests and then introduced Deborah, our vice president, who led us in an icebreaker.  We went from one side of the room or the other depending upon the questions she asked, such as:  "Would you rather be a quilter in the past or future?" "Would you rather run out of thread or fabric?" "Would you rather work from a pattern or design your own?"

Great fun was had by all!

Fab Scrap was our guest speaker and Annie, from Fab Scrap, gave a wonderfully informative presentation.  Fab Scrap was founded by a woman who worked for the Department of Sanitation.  It is now located in Brooklyn - Sunset Park at the Brooklyn Army Terminal where there are plenty of volunteer opportunities.  Fab Scrap's website is full of great information about what they are doing and how they are reducing waste by recycling textile scraps from the fashion industry.  They also accept your fabric scraps for a small fee and have a retail location at 110 West 26th Street in Manhattan.

After Annie's presentation we went over to the Fab Scrap table, laden with gorgeous scraps, to purchase and drool over.

Tina shows off her Fab Scrap Patch for her jeans

The Mini Quilt Challenge is to use Fab Scrap fabric using the prompt "Fabulous" to make a quilt that is no larger than 16" on any one side and no smaller than 12" on any one side.  Tina will be posting more about the challenge.

The January Retreat is coming up!  It will be at Mariandale in Ossining the second weekend of January.

Member Announcements:
November 15th - 17th Create-Away Quilt & Craft Weekend!
"Enjoy creative time and space during this instructor-free weekend to work on your art, craft or quilt projects.  Workspace provided as well as ironing boards for quilters."
Friday, November 15th, 4pm - Sunday, November 17th, 1pm.
Fee:  $175 (all inclusive) Commuters: $75
The Center at Mariandale, 299 N. Highland Avenue, Ossining, NY
For information or to register: or call: 914-941-4455
That same weekend on Sunday, November 17th 10am - 3pm there will be a Quilt & Craft Market!

Remember to bring your Back Basting Block (Deborah taught us this technique last June) to the November meeting.  All blocks will be sewn together to make a charity quilt.

Show & Tell
Andrea started things off with her Lucky 13 Group effort quilt which was 5 years in the making! 
Jody S. shows off her Men's Charity Quilt
Jody with her Charity Quilt using donated fabric
Jody with another Charity Quilt using donated fabric
Nancy with her quilt using donated fabric and scraps from the  June Retreat
Ariane (that's me!) shows her Cookies Delight Quilt 
Naomi with her Hand Dyed & Painted Fabric
Naomi's Ice Dyeing!
Naomi shows us her sun dyeing
Naomi's Ribbon Weaving
Teresa's Charity Quilts
Teresa's Charity Quilts, which will be going to St. Vincent's - a transitional home for  foster children
Reminder:  Maureen Wirth showed us her pillow cases which will be donated to Morgan Stanley's Children's Center at Columbia in November.  Please bring any pillowcases you've made to the November Meeting.  (Does anyone have a photograph of Maureen's pillowcase that they can send me so that I can insert it here?)

In addition Lisa Mason will be donating pillow cases to The Elizabeth Seton Nursing Home and will collect more as they come in.

Here is the link to the PDF file for the Hot Diggity Dog Pillowcase and a link to the You Tube video for directions for the Crafty Gemini Pillowcases.

I do not have a photograph of the Round Robin Quilt that Jeannine showed.  If someone has a photo of it, can you please send to me so that I can insert it into this post?

Ellen showed off the Coat of Arms, which will be making its way to London this winter!
Block Lotto - all blocks are due at the November meeting.  Please see Deborah's blog post for details.

Show & Tell (continued)
Chris's quilt which will be displayed at her hair salon
Tina's Quilt top using Fab Scraps
And the back!
Colette's Quilt using Amy Butler Fabric
Jacque's quilt made for "the new baby in the family"
Jeannine's Charity Quilt that another guild member pieced and Jeannine quilted
For the November Meeting - we are participating in 25 Million Stitches and will be hand stitching at the next meeting!!  Many of us will be bringing in threads to share with everyone.  I will bring a bag filled with Valdani Perle Cotton #8 threads both variegated and solids and will try to remember to bring in some needles as well!  Each stitch represents one refugee.  If you have a specific design that you'd like to stitch, bring it to our November meeting.  For more details you can go to Jennifer Kim Sohn's website where she also has examples of some of the work that has already been submitted.

I think that's everything!  If I've left anything out, please let me know.  This is my first time as your secretary, so please be patient while I learn the ropes.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in November!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Block Lotto for November: The X-Plus Block in a choice of 3 sizes!

Welcome back, Mods!  Our first Block Lotto project will be due at the November 2nd meeting.

I chose a block that I've wanted to do for ages, the X-Plus Block.  You have the choice of 3 different size blocks: 6-inch, 12-inch, and 24-inch!   All the sizes will work together to create a joyful and dynamic quilt.  Whatever size(s) you choose, you will get one Block Lotto ticket for each block you make.  Those 24" blocks are real stash-busters!

The only color guidelines are that you keep it colorful and aim for strong contrast.
In doing my samples, I took a phone photo of my candidate fabrics and then changed it to grayscale - a nifty trick I learned at Timna Tarr's class at Gotham Quilts in July.  (I'm sure most of you learned this ages ago, but it was a game-changer for me!)

(I decided to eliminate one of the lightest-value fabrics, the pale aqua.)

Here is the chart for cutting pieces for each size block:

And here is the layout diagram:

You can probably assemble the block just using the layout and cutting sizes above, but below is a step by step tutorial:

1. On the wrong side of each Piece E draw a line diagonally through the middle.

2. On each Piece D align a Piece E, right sides together, with one corner as shown.  Sew along the
drawn line.

3. Trim the excess and press open.

4. Repeat with the opposite corner of each Piece D, using up all your 8 Piece E's to make four Piece D/E's.

5. Layout the four Piece D/E's, so that they form an X as shown.

6. Layout your Piece A, B's, and C's in between so that you can see the entire block.

7. Sew each Piece B to a Piece C.  Sew the remaining Piece C's to each end of Piece A.

8. Sew a Piece D/E to each side of Piece B/C.  Use Piece A/B to join the outer sections.

Here are my samples in the three sizes: from the left, 6", 12" and 24".  The blocks were easy and fun to make and I will definitely be making even more for November!

See you all on Saturday!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Sunday, May 19, 2019

June Block Lotto

Hi Everyone-

This month’s Block Lotto is super easy and sews up quickly. That means more time to head outside and enjoy the great weather that’s finally arrived here in New York!  As I write this, the sun is just starting to peek through the clouds. I can't wait to get outside and work in my garden.

This month’s block is The Disappearing Nine Patch. I’ve used 5” squares - this is perfect for using up those leftover fabrics from charm packs.  If you're not using charm packs, simply cut 5 inch squares from larger scraps.

We will use nine 5-inch squares for each block. Four will be low volume and five will be bright colors that contrast well with the low volume fabrics.

Lay them out in three rows of three each, starting at top left with a brightly colored square and alternating with the low volumes.

Stitch the squares together in three rows, pressing seams toward the darker fabrics and then stitch the rows together for a large finished nine patch block.

That's all there is to it!  

Although the next step in the Disappearing Nine Patch process is to cut this large nine patch into four pieces, please don't cut them up.  Bring the blocks as is to the meeting so that the recipient can decide how to cut the blocks.  (This also reduces the chances of one of the four pieces going missing!)

Have a great Sunday everyone and enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!  See you at the next meeting.