Saturday, October 2, 2010

Show and tell

 Inspiration Galore!  
Everyone had such good stores to tell about there work, i wish we had someone to right this stuff down!

Jessica wanted to make a gift for a friend in College, she asked her friend, 
for a 4-6 letter word, thinking she would be making, Peace, or Love, friend... etc.
Her friend emailed her back, LOGIC... we all had a good chuckle...

 Kim's Family are big quilters.  Every year they do  Quilts together... 
This year they are making Piece of Cake design Quilts.  She has very big (beautiful)
project ahead of her!

 David made this quilt on the right from the pre-printed doll pattern fabrics, that come with the instructions printed on the fabric... He chopped up several different ones, Humpty Dumpty, a pheasant, a fish and scrambled them... It was SO clever, we all loved it.  I'm hoping someone has a better picture... my camera was about to go dead there...

And Lot's of great Kaffe fabric inspired quilts.  So much Eye candy today, we all had itchy fingers to run home and sew...
Thanks Everyone for showing your work!
More pictures to come.


  1. Victoria you are amazing! Thank you so much for hosting. What a wonderful group. Can't wait to get started on the next project. Lisa

  2. I have to say today was great show and tell, and over all, a great bunch of quilters! Pure joy and fun! thanks!

  3. Great photos highlighting a great day. It was very inspiring. Thanks Victoria for hosting and all of these great photos!

  4. Sorry i had to miss the gathering. It looks like a good turnout from the pictures.
    It's great to see someone used my Crossroads pattern with her own touches added and such great results.


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