Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1st Time I Followed Instructions

Okay, yes this is a first for me. I actually followed a pattern, did not deviate...go outside the lines, box or anything. Although i did use more color schemes than it suggested...(My binding was a fifth fabric, not including the backing). But that doesn't count...right?

These are the placemats I began at the Joyful Quilter in Schenectedy...I will bring them in December...


  1. ohh, i need to make some placemats..
    i also have been meaning to email you but your comments are all set to "noreply"..
    (jessunderquilts at yahoo dot com)
    hint hint..

  2. Technically Challenged, i am...not sure how to unset...smiles...yes placemats are easy and great..easy to feel a sense of accomplishment...smiles. see ya soon...smiles


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