Saturday, November 13, 2010

Long Island, anyone??

Does anyone from this group want to go to the Long Island Quilters Society ( meeting Monday night? It's at 7:30p in the Freeport Recreation Center. I thought the program was a show by Karen Kay Buckley, but now the website doesn't say that anymore... I am not actually member of the group, you can pay a small fee to drop in to meetings. I'm considering joining, but would love to have company. Anyone else from Long Island? Or city-dwellers, I could pick you up at a train station... :-) I'll have my new name tag on, inspired by this group... :-)

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  1. Christa,
    I'm on LI, but I can't make it to the meeting (i have class on monday nights). I hear that guild has something like 500 members, so I'll be waiting to hear all the details of your experience..


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