Saturday, December 4, 2010

DEC 4th Meeting recap

 Well, I have to say, the Dec. 4th Meeting was very festive and fun! 
Margaret brought our completed first Group quilt.  
Thanks Margaret for quilting & Binding it!  It looks fabulous!

Everyone arrived with their Cheddar blocks,  
and we all began thinking of what to do with them... 
Do we lay them together, do we sash them, do we turn them on point.
On point is the winner...

 Next it was decided, for the next meeting Everyone bring a:
12.5" DEEP HOT PINK block, for the setting blocks on the cheddar quilt
(not bubble gum pink, but more Fuchsia to purple hot pink... 
rather like this piece laying among the blocks
to the next meeting, FEB 5th
Kim offered to piece the top, Helen to Bind,

And we will need a Volunteer to QUILT this as well..
and someone to do the backing.

 Rayna sent her block via email. ;-)  and Dave, we need yours also, 
make it 12.5 any which way so we can add it. 
I think Newbie, JUDY, offered to send her block in as well.. 
Then I think we have enough to make this a queen size quilt. 
If you made one and couldn't make it to the meeting, 
send it anyway to Victoria, and it can go on the back as well...
We had a stream of Spiderweb quilts to show off today! How funny!
 And Five Newcomers! Jan, newcomer AND new to sewing! 
She just learned to sew this past summer... 
She hand pieced it, had a baby, and said, But I still need to bind it... 
We gave her the Super overachiever award....
Learning to quilt, and have a baby... !!!
We told her we expected a hand pieced, hand quilted KING size out of her by Feb.  
"Just for her to keep her award..." LOL!
Newcomer,  Suzanne had two grandfather's pass away in the past year(our sympathies)... 
She inherited their ties and she began making pillows out of the them...  
So touching and special, and FANTASTIC idea for gifts in her family.
Newcomer Nicole, made this very cute doll.  
Using the experience to teach her daughter to sew as well.
love the shoes and the owl face... 
and the lacy pink "intimates" underneath!  LOL!
Judy and Barb were also newcomers to the group, 
and we look forward to seeing their show and tell next meeting.

We also did a fat quarter swap by drawing numbers 
and you were able to pick one and then snatch one from someone else... 
in the end, I think we each got a fabric we wanted....
We had to pull Lisa and Jessica apart for fighting over a fat quarter, 
but no teeth went missing... LOL! ;-)

Mary will be posting more images soon.

Rats. We should have taken a holiday group picture in front of the tree!
remind me next time folks!

Details to follow on the next block challenge.



  1. You all seem to always have a great time. Can hardly wait to see the pink blocks combined with the yellow blocks. I still feel very inspired by the strip quilt. Everyone showed such inspiring things. Bonnie

  2. Teach us to leave early . . . you guys changed the challenge block . . . hot pink, and so specific with the shades . . .maybe we ate too many cranberry bliss bars! Thanks again Victoria for hosting - such a wonderful fun time, and so (awe)inspiring! Chris

  3. In the Baltimore area, we just had our first Modern Quilt Guild meeting. I like seeing what your group is doing to help us with ideas. Looks like so much fun with lots of beautiful quilts.

  4. It was so nice to see some new faces! And I'm loving these group quilts--we all have such different talents and tastes, but when they all come together, they make incredibly dynamic quilts!


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