Monday, December 6, 2010

Jess's round robin

 Jess, made this from her scrap bag swap from the October meeting, 
and then brought it and asked if anyone wanted to play with it and add on to it...

Andrea took it next and added a few rows, and returned it to the December meeting,

where I, (Victoria) snatched it, and added a few more rows to it...
(and she was worried I'd slash it up!) ;-) NOT!

Who is next?
I will send it on, if anyone wants in , on the next round..


  1. oooh. V, I love what you've done. Especially the continuation of the magenta line down the 3rd side..

  2. Am liking this Round Robin so far. Would love to take a turn at it sometime.

  3. I would love to take a turn too! Think we can make this king size?!?!?! hehehe.

  4. Looks great! Those little lines are multiplying.
    What fun! I would love to have a hand in it too ~ whenever.


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