Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lets name some of the many things that keep us away from our fabric

Good Day everyone,

I am beginning to resurface.  whew...I pulled off the biggest surprise known to man. I surprised my mother for her LX birthday.  Flying in family from all corners of the country, table rentals, linen and china rentals, decorating, coordinating, my brother and cousin cooking (for 30 people), it was three months in the making.  She had no clue and was thoroughly awed and amazed at the people that were in the room. 

So leading up to the festivities and the NY State Bar events that are going on this week, I have had no time to touch my fabric..or even play with my NEW MACHINE.  Yes, I have a new machine.  A great story as well.  I introduced quilting to my aunt over this past Thanksgiving.  It began with english paper piecing that I had in my bag.  She loved it, and started to take to it...So through December she started getting her supplies, I took her to an Empire guild meeting, went to my fave City shop, and she really enjoyed.  Then 2 weeks ago I received a call stating that she wanted to buy a machine.  I was thrilled and took her to a place that was open on Martin Luther King weekend Monday.  She got a great machine.  Just as we were about to leave, something said to ask about the price of my desired item.  (I had been in there about 3 months earlier and new what the costs were.)  Anyway, long story short it was a ridiculous sale so I walked out with it.

Anyway, back to the post.  All of the things that keep you from your fabric.  Excluding the obvious, i.e., family obligations, children, illness, etc, what keeps you away from fabric.

I realized surprise birthdays, bar conventions, learning how to decorate a cake to avoid paying upwards of $220 for a cake that I can bake and ensure it taste good.  See the images below...including the item that I am longingly hoping to get to tomorrow evening.  What keeps you from your fabric?

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  1. Congrats on the new machine, and on the awesome cake!

    Work definitely keeps me from quilting, but recently cabin fever has kept me away, ironically. All the snow has made me a little stir crazy, and I try hard to find fun things to do outside of the apartment!


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