Monday, February 7, 2011

February Meeting recap

Hello MOD quilters!  Well, despite a rainy day, 
hings got Hopping at the Saturday meeting!

Here's a review:

Members brought their purple/pink filler blocks and decided the layout of the 
Dec. Block challenge Cheddar Quilt. Kim offered to piece the top.
Barbara batting( unless Jackie can add to the cost when she quilts)
Helen to bind, Jessica offered to get backing for the quilt.

Even if your not able to make a meeting, you can still submit your Challenge blocks. 
Please mail them to me BEFORE the next meeting to be included...
These are group quilts, and to be a member and to make this group successful 
we need your participation...

Offer batting, backing fabrics, bindings etc... It will be much appreciated...

It was decided that we will have this quilt long armed, and once we know what the price will be, 
we will ask for donations to the pay pal account to pay for it.
this is another way you can contribute.

The Feb Bock challenge, 1/4 circles, was laid out and decided. 
Amy offered to piece and quilt the top.
Lisa will provide backing.
Carole will bind

We need batting and binder for this quilt. please email me.
Once Amy has it pieced she can tell us how big of a backing she needs.
it will be aprox 26 X 32? in that area...

We are moving forward with plans for a SHOW sometime in OCTOBER.
Without going into all the details of  space etc.
A separate post will contain info on the quilt challenge for the show...

We did a scrap bag swap this meeting, and for the APRIL MEETING,
please bring a fat quarter of an UGLY FABRIC.
DO not bring yardage. ONLY a fat quarter please.
David brought up an idea to get everyone more ACTIVE on the blog.
Jessica volunteered to post IDEAS to chat about on the blog.
If you are able to post along, you need to be added to the site. please email me with your email address, and I will add you to the list...
if not able to post, then comment and join in!

Barbara from the Empire guild came and brought the 
Auction quilt for us all to see!  
Raffle tickets can be purchased, email me if you want some.
$5 for 6 tickets.
Their Show is March 26 and 27th at F.I.T.


We talked about doing a possible sewing day... 
details and more info are being worked out.. possibly for MAY

Volunteers are always needed to help any of these projects take place.
If you feel you have something you can help with, either with finding us a space to sew,
or ideas etc. Please feel free to email me or comment...
It's your group, You have a voice here...

April Challenge blocks were decided, stay tuned for a new post on the specifics...

I mentioned that August 5-6th The Alliance of American Quilts 
will have three different events here in NYC. 
One will be taking place here at my place.. Mark your calendars... 
more info to follow as it all gets arranged...

** Another show to see

the KOREA SOCIETY has a textiles show 
More posts to come with details on specific projects. Thanks!

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  1. I had to leave the meeting before the Scrap Swap and didn't get to donate my scraps. Someone was kind enough to leave me a bag anyway! I would be happy to put a bag in the mail for whomever that thoughtful donor was, so please let me know. I'm happy to ship some fabric out of here; it's like the way the cities have to ship the snow out of town 'cause they have no more room for it...


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