Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finally! a post from me

While I've been unable to come to most of the meetings:-(((( I read the blog, follow the goings-on, and love to see what everybody else is doing.  These days, life is getting in the way of art, but I will share what is on my wall at the moment: a quilt for my granddaughter Emma, who will be one year old next week.   Will I finish it in time? hahahahahahahaha. No.
This is just the front - but it isn't big enough. It's only about 29"x 40". So, a series of random strips at least on the long sides.  The fact is, this whole quilt is random.  The big module toward the top was the first thing I made for the cheddar challenge.  But then I made another one that worked better, so I sent that.  Decided to build the quilt for Miss Emma aorund it. 

Most of these blocks started with leftover strips and units from other projects   or that I've had sitting around in my leftover box for several years.  Yep, YEARS.  The second block up on the right side was leftover from ths quilt I made about 8 or 9 or 10 years ago. This one is small - maybe 18"x18" or so.  It was the first time I did therapy sewing - sewing strips together without thinking. And this was one of the results.

I still have some of this wonderful hand-dyed (not by me) turquoise from 2001, so maybe I'll put some strips along the sides of Emma's quilt and see where it goes from there.  We'll see.  Any bright ideas are welcome!


  1. Rayna! I love that you started this based on the cheddar block you first made! Miss Emma will love it! I LOVE the turquoise on the bottom... OH so much fun!!!

  2. Yeah looks wonderful and sooo spirited...Do you need another grand daughter...smiles...its sooo cheerful.

  3. Therapy sewing.....I like that. Also like that black & white spiral fabric a lot...and your wavy edges, too.


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