Monday, February 28, 2011

How long ago did I make that quilt???

I don't have a picture of the first quilt I made. I was fourteen and took a quilting class at a local fabric shop. It was me and a bunch of moms. Very funny to think about now.
We didn't really have a plan to follow, the instructor was teaching us all the different techinques.
Patchwork, applique, trapunto, cathedral windows . . .
Funny enough, I took all those miss matched blocks and made an "orphan"
quilt, complete with a block pieced "A" in the center for my new cousin.
I used that very high loft batting and hand tied it.
Wish I had thought to take a photo of it, but back then the camera
only came out for very special occasions . . .
not like today!

So here is a picture of the oldest quilt I still have. I started this quilt about 27 years ago.
It is all pastel calicos. I was going to make it for a friend for a wedding present,
but lost steam and it sat in a box for about 10 years before I finished it.
At the time I started this quilt for my friend, I was newly married and had brand new baby!
What the heck was I thinking??? In time for a wedding??
All the pieces were cut out by hand using a cardboard template.
No rotary cutters or mats!

It is about the size of a twin.
Once I finally put it together, my skills had improved tenfold.

I quilted it with cotton batting and stitched in the ditch.
My binding was okay too.

This quilt is very loved. We call it our beach quilt.
It goes in the car with us, on a boat when needed,
to the park for a picnic,
and mostly to the beach for lounging.

It's very hard to see in this photo, but that is a red wine stain.
A very good friend of mine dumped a whole bottle of wine on this baby
one night at the beach. She was absolutely horrified!
I just laughed. Now everytime we pull it out, someone says,
"Oh, there's the wine stain from Alison!"

Every quilt has a story right?

So I guess what I have learned about quilting since I made this quilt, is . . .

There is always more to learn, more gadgets to help you do a great job,
and more quilty friends to meet and have fun with!

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  1. great story. love that the quilt holds so much memory! stains and all!


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