Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let's Get Talking: Week 3

We had NINE wonderful posts displaying sewing areas last week, and it would have been ten if only David had inserted a pic of his sewing space in his post of desperation..  we can forgive him, but let's hope he's got tales of all the quilt shops he hit while on that "business trip."  Thanks to everybody who posted and commented.
This week's topic: UFOs
We've all got 'em, and I bet most of us have pictures of them somewhere on our computers so it's not like you even have to go into the closet, pull one out, and have a photo shoot.  In your post you can choose one and tell its story, or just list all of them.  Don't forget to include start dates!  Then answer these questions:
  1. How many UFOs do you currently have (or are willing to admit to)?  I consider a UFO to be a planned project that has been pushed aside and not touched for over... a month.  I usually have several quilts going at one time that I will work on here and there, and those aren't all UFOs.  Also, test blocks and "play" blocks aren't UFOs in my book either.  I don't know, that's just me.  If your definition of a UFO is different, please share..
  2. Choose one (or two, or three) and tell us why it is still a UFO.

1 comment:

  1. A month?!? hahaha, I have UFO's so old, they pre-date computers!! No, I will need a major photo shoot for this topic. Actually, it will round out the photo shoot of my quilt studio because now I can show you the side of the room I left out last week...the "dark" side....
    Thanks, Jessica. This should be a fun topic. I already got a good laugh out of Victoria's languishing projects. Too bad she is so unproductive...:)


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