Monday, February 7, 2011


Our quilt show registration is now closed.
paper work has been distributed to those people who have acknowledged
their participation.

We are thrilled to have our show be a Traveling exhibition for the

And ending in NYC.

more details here:


What does Modern quilting mean to you?
How are you a modern quilter?

This will be our way of showing people who we are as a group.
This leaves it WIDE OPEN TO interpretation, as we all felt
"MODERN" means many things to different people.

Make something that is you,
and something that you think represents this idea.

All quilts MUST BE 15" X 20"
Horizontal or Vertical is accepted, but not smaller, not larger.

all the info you need is in your paper work.

Registration is now closed.

Paperwork, and loan agreements by Sept 2nd.
Quilts for this show need to be finished and submitted and RCVD

Please email your questions to
nycmetromod at hotmail dot com

Amy S will be responding regarding these questions.


  1. I will most likely enter...can't wait!


  2. I will have a quilt for the show, and I volunteer to do EITHER quilt entries (keep track of intake) OR volunteers (scheduling, reminding, making sure our show is manned).

    this will be great~

  3. I am so excited about the show and am thrilled I can help!


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