Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Sewing Space

When I am not at work, this is where I live!
I am so lucky to have a finished attic space that I have completely
taken over as my sewing room.

I will admit, I did pick up a few things before I snapped the pics,
but I left most of my messiness in full view.
There is thread all over the floor and little pieces of fabric.

I have my old dining room table as a sewing table, and a plastic folding table as extra work space
Sometimes the kid sews with me and she uses that table, like those old partners desks,
We work together and have a ball!
My cutting table is an old IKEA table that I hiked up on bed risers
so I can cut for hours and not have any back pain. (Yeah, getting old.)
I love that it fits perfectly into the little window area, I can watch everything going on outside in my neighborhood! Just call me Mrs. Kravitz!

Here is my fabric and threads. It's just a mess.
And there is more fabric piled all over the place.
I forgot a picture of my other flat surface on the side that is just over flowing with
books and fabric and projects.
Subconscious embarrassment? Um probably!

Here is my wonderful machine. It's a Bernina 910.
I bought it 25 years ago and I just love it.
For some reason it has a Janome quarter inch foot with a Bernina adapter,
and I really like that foot!
It has a few decorative stitches, but I only use one or two of them.
And I have the walking foot. The throat plate is tight, but I make it work.

This is my design floor! As you can see all my walls are dormers,
so no flat walls without windows for a design wall.
The railing around the stairs gathers all the tops I should finish.
I think there are about seven there right now.

I do have a tv that isn't hooked up to cable, but has a dvd player,
so I can watch movies while I sew.

I never really pay attention to the movie, but it's nice company.

So that's it! That's where I sew and day dream and escape
all of the things I should be doing around the house.
Who wants to clean anyway, you just have to do it again!


  1. Gosh what a nice hideaway. Love your design on the floor and rail! Have a great day!


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