Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm a "late bloomer" when it comes to quilting (1999).... the above are shots of my first hand quilting that I was told was necessary to know before making a quilt. Next came learning to piece (I was fortunate to simultaneously learn to use a rotary cutter). The green lap quilt is my first "real" quilt... hand quilted, of course.... if you look closely, you may notice there's a very faded square area as this quilt sat on the back of my couch for years, carefully folded in same direction after each use... and therefore nicely faded by sun. What did I know about light and its effects on fabric?! The next "real" quilt was bed- size and travelled to college with my daughter, later became the cover over her dog cage and is now at the foot of her guest bed (she's learning.....)

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  1. Your green quilt is so pretty....even faded. There is a lot to learn about quilts, isn't there? Seems to be an endless adventure. Your daughter is learning to appreciate your work, too. Great!


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