Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let's Get Talking: Week 6

Sorry for posting the topic late this weekend!  After a full day of sewing yesterday, I had to spend time ironing a few shirts today..

So, let's do a quick recap of our favorite tools-- it seems like the respondents like it HOT and SHARP.  Niiiice.  In case you missed the comments on last week's topic, I am taking suggestions for future talking points.  To keep the suspense, please send any ideas to jessunderquilts (at) yahoo (dot) com.  thanks!

This week, let's talk about FABRIC. 
Please describe your stash.

What's in there?  Lights, darks, brights, bolds?  Are you a batik collector or are you helping a particular designer afford a summer home?   What size cuts do you buy?  Have you traded, scavenged, inherited, or swapped to make your stash larger and/or more diverse?  I can't limit myself to two questions this week folks, I love talking stash!  I want to hear all about it. 
But if I have to give you a focus, a starting point.. go in and examine your stash for a while.  Are there any themes that jump out at you (polka dots, plaids, tiny animal prints)?  Is there anything missing from your stash (no Kaffe?!  no solid black?!)?

Oh, but let's leave "stash organization" for a future conversation, ok?  This week it's not about how you sort and store it, we want to know what's in those piles...

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