Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inspiration (and What Scares Me)!

I saw this quilt about a year ago, and I was really inspired by it.  I love how the quiltmaker uses vivid Kaffe Fassett prints in conjunction with a very traditional applique quilt pattern.  The result is creative and incredibly beautiful!  This quilt was one of the reasons that I started stocking up on Kaffe fabrics (hint:  they have great sales at and why I ultimately made my traditional medallion quilt with Kaffe fabrics.

The original Flickr photo can be found HERE.

Of course, this is also a technique that scares me (hey, it combines weeks 8 and 9's talking points)!  I have done some machine applique, which I enjoy, but I have never tried hand applique.  I have a feeling that I might enjoy it, but the thought of how time-consuming it is makes me never want to start.  I already have a hexagon quilt and a sashiko project that keeps me busy with plenty of handwork!

PS:  I finally started up my blog at .  Please feel free to stop by and say Hi!


  1. Wow, this is so pretty. It really does look moderm, cheery, and bright. This may just inspire me to think outside the box and try a modern-traditional quilt some day.

  2. Hey Nicole! You enjoy hand sewing all those hexies together you'll enjoy hand applique too! I say go for it... who cares if ti takes forever! My hexie quilt is going on 6 years... LOL! Applique has been great fun to do in small amounts... I say go for it!


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