Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let's Get Talking: Week 9

It looks like we've got quite a few fears that can be calmed by fellow guild members.  Maybe time should be set aside for a "share & explain" session at the next meeting.  Before then don't hesitate to contact other members (through email or blogs) to ask for advice or guidance.  In our group I'm pretty sure at least someone has tried everything..

On to Week 9:  Let's talk Inspiration.
This week please share some of the quilts that most inspire you.  Maybe one that you love to look at but just haven't made yet, or something that you want to take elements from and twist it into your own creation.  Photos or links are fine, but if you use someone else's photo, please get permission first and give them credit. 

Don't forget to include:
  1. What you love about it.
  2. How you keep your inspiration organized. (print it out? clip from magazines)
Who knows, your post may just inspire someone else to make a great quilt.

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