Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Bee

Hello, I’m Kimberly! This is my first time to participate in a Quilting Bee. I was a bit nervous, but the first month went very well. I’m super excited about being the Queen Bee this month. I’m a teacher, so I do a lot of sewing during breaks and our school year just ended on May 19th!

I bought the inspiration fabric on sale and thought this would be the perfect opportunity for very creative quilters to make fabulous blocks for an unbelievable finished product. I like the strong graphic elements, but I’m especially looking for texture. I have provided each participant with my inspiration fabric, coordinating fabrics, and a texture element. I have fussy-cut the main fabric, and no two people received exactly the same block ingredients. Here is a list of some texture ideas I brainstormed:

Selvage Piping Zippers

Hexagons Chenille Cathedral windows

Yo-yos Buttons

Rick rack Prairie points


12.5” block please

Use the fabric provided

Feel free to add more texture or fabric from your stash as long as it coordinates with the inspiration or coordinating fabrics

Add some texture

Have FUN…I can’t wait to see what each of you creates!!! J


  1. Hi Kimberly, Thanks for your fabric and instructions. This will be fun. I have all the pieces laid out waiting for inspiration to strike! Ideas are starting to come.

  2. Yeah...i have so many ideas...not sure where to you see Nicole has been busy...smiles

  3. I can hardly wait to start on mine, but I have not received your fabric yet. Hope it did not get lost on the trip to LI.


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