Monday, July 11, 2011

June Bee

These are the blocks that other participants made, if they hadn't already posted pictures to the blog. I want everyone to see and enjoy ALL the blocks. You have to take your time looking at each of these blocks. The texture I wanted is present in each one. I look forward to putting this together in a quilt as I am now challenged to add more texture in the sashing and borders.

Most important, I want to thank all of the bee participants for doing such an excellent job with my texture challenge. I liked seeing that what some thought was going to be difficult (zippers) became very rewarding. It was also neat that some people were able to learn new quilt texture tricks (prairie points) that I hope will be used in their future sewing.
I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed being the Queen Bee during June. Each time I went to the mailbox and got a special block, it just made my day! :) This is the block I made.

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