Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Perfect Quilt

Here's my piece for the show!

“Practice” is a reminder to myself that the process of creating is more important than the result. It was inspired by a Hindu mantra that I try to remember while quilting:

This is perfect, that is perfect

Perfect comes from perfect

Subtract the perfect from the perfect

And only the perfect remains.

One thing I love about modern quilting is that it’s impossible to make a mistake. Flawlessness is not the measure of beauty; the energy and movement of a design is more important than precision piecing.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Sure, you don’t have to worry about perfect points, but making a quilt without any rules can be intimidating. I spent months thinking about how to make this perfectionism mantra into a quilt, trying out several ideas on paper and on fabric before I settled on this approach. Even so, I didn’t know what the quilt would look like until it was done. As a newcomer to quilting, I found this a little intimidating—what if it turned out ugly?—but I think that by trusting my instincts and letting the quilt evolve it ended up being more dynamic and interesting than if I had planned the whole thing out from the beginning.


  1. Your mantra is perfect for creating.... and for living, too! Love those points going out of bounds!

  2. Love it - so vibrant! And your message, it is what we all need to hear. I had a yoga teacher who used to say, imagine everything you are doing right now is perfect, just as it is. Good thoughts to keep in mind.

  3. Suzanne, your piece is perfect ... perfectly wonderful!

  4. There is a great feeling of energy radiating out from the center. It is a beautiful and inspiring piece!


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