Sunday, December 4, 2011

February challenge

Memebers at the Saturday meeting rcvd 8 fat quarter of Cherry Wood Fabrics for our next block challenge. Here are the instructions for the challenge:

Cut 2.5"blocks from EACH of the Cherry Wood fabrics you rcvd.
In a 5 across , by 5 down pattern,
design your block with your colors in a light to dark pattern DIAGONALLY.

2.5" squares, laid out, Light to dark, ( not dark to light to dark or light dark light etc)
so your color blends diagonally. You can do this literally like I did  here, above... in diagonal rows...

Or you can play with them a bit to modulate them... your call, but we are looking for a obviously LIGHT diagonal half and obviously DARK half...(or as close as you can with your color palette)

Make one or two blocks this way... and bring them back for the February Meeting.

Do not cut your block different sizes...

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